Planning a Campaign

Collect the following information before creating a campaign:

  1. Your target audience. Build and save a student filter in the Students view.
    1. Make sure your filter appropriately targets the people for the campaign.
    2. Give the filter a descriptive name so that it can be understood by others looking at the campaign
    3. IMPORTANT: When creating a filter, if the "caseload" option is chosen, the filter will be evaluated against the caseload of the user who STARTS the campaign - not the user who created it.
  2. Plan your content.
    1. Decide if you want to send a simple or an advanced message.
      1. Simple messages are standard text based messages, similar to those found in the Aviso Messaging module. Simple messages will be wrapped in the standard message template before being sent to the recipient.
      2. Advanced messages lever the campaigns HTML builder. They will be sent as is, without any additional template applied.
    2. Design your verbiage.
      1. Consider the "call to action" that you are sending - what do you want the user to do? Center your message around that behavior.
    3. Collect your links.
      1. Link and button clicks are tracked through Aviso Campaigns, so gather the links that you'd like to encourage recipients to click, as well as any useful links that you'd like to provide.
    4. Design your content.
      1. If using the HTML builder, sketch out a rough drawing of what you'd like your message to look like. This will make building your message much easier.
    5. Decide what type of campaign you will use.
      1. General campaigns include tracking of sends, deliveries, opens, bounces and clicks. No additional workflow occurs as part of them.
      2. Appointment campaigns include all of the general campaign tracking as well as the creation of appointments. In addition to sending/tracking the email, an appointment campaign will allow for the inclusion of a special Aviso Meeting Scheduler link - this link will enforce the meeting restrictions specified in the campaign. Additionally, an appointment campaign will create a task for the recipient and auto close the task upon creation of an appropriate appointment.
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