Primary Student Success Team Advisor/Coach vs. Follower


What is the difference between an Advisor/Coach, eg. the primary student success team members, and student Followers?


Advisor/Coach "Primary" Success Team Members

  • Only primary student success team members can import on the Person data feed via the SIS Import.
  • Primary success team members usually import from the SIS system on the Person data feed.
  • Administrators can edit and change a primary success team member on the student record from a Staff View.
  • System-wide primary success team titles are managed in Institution Administration from the Configuration tab "Term to Represent Advisor/Coach" settings.
  • A student's primary success team will always display in the Student View.

Follower Success Team Members

  • Followers can import from the SIS on the Subscription data feed.
  • Followers are usually assigned within SS&E by "Follow by Tag" rules.
  • Instructors can follow students they instruct in the current term based on their Role Administration configuration and individual User Settings.
  • Follower titles are managed via Subscription Labels that are assigned via "Follow by Tag" rules.
  • Subscription Labels determine if a Follower displays in the Student View.


What is the difference between information accessible to Advisors and Coaches (eg. primary success team members) vs. Followers?


Following students makes it easier to see information about these students, however following students does not provide updates to all dashboard widgets or send alert notifications by default.

How Advisors/Coaches are assigned to students:

  • Bulk Subscription
  • Person Data Feed via the SIS Import

How Followers are assigned to students:

  • Follow by Tag Rule
  • Bulk Subscription
  • Subscription Data Feed via the SIS Import

Additional Resources:

Accessible Information


Primary Success Team


News Feed (aka Daily Digest)

Daily email sent by the system that displays up to 10 items in different areas based on individual User Settings.

Each user's Settings determine if the Daily Digest includes information about Advisees or "Advisees and Students I Follow".

Yes Yes

Activity Feed

Selected information displayed for Caseloads or a saved filter.

Yes  Yes
Alert Notifications via Email Yes

Automated Alert email notifications are only sent to the primary Advisor/Coach, and are not sent to Followers by design.

Staff Initiated Alert, aka Early Alert email notifications may be sent to Followers if alert creators are allowed to modify alert recipients.

Dashboard Widgets Yes All Dashboard Widgets include information about the primary success team's (Advisor/Coach) caseload.
Some Dashboard Widgets will also include information for Followers.

Students that are being followed display in the following widgets:
1) Student Caseload Course Completion Risk Summary
2) Student Caseload Term Persistence Risk Summary
3) Student Alerts



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