How Subscriptions are Expired

Automatic Expire

The following events will automatically expire a subscription in SS&E:

1. During the SIS Import Job:

  • When a Person imports with a new advisor, the old advisor will be expired.
  • When a Person imports with no advisor and "Allow Success Team Removal" Application Setting is set to True.
  • When a student's advisor is assigned the Adjunct Faculty role and the student is not in a course that the advisor/adjunct faculty member is instructing.
      • By design, the "Adjunct Faculty" role can only view students that are in a current course they're instructing.
      • If a person record imports with an advisor that is assigned a role with the adjunct faculty function, who is not their instructor, the person data feed ("SS&E System") will assign this advisor, yet shortly after, the advisor will be removed and expired by user SS&E System, reason Other System.
          • To verify this, check Relationships - Relationships Administration, Include expired to view the advisor being assigned/removed within a short time. What will display is a Created Date shortly followed by an Expiration Date.
          • On the Student record, the advisor assignment will display on their Activity feed (tab).
      • If access to student records who are not in the adjunct class is required, then the adjunct faculty role must be removed. Once the advisor is assigned a different role, open a support ticket requesting to clear the Person data feed cache to ensure that this imports correctly.


2. By manually unfollowing a student.

3. When a "follow by tag" rule no longer applies.

4. When an automatic "follow by location" rule no longer applies.

How to Manually Expire an Advisor/Coach/Staff Follower

To check how a relationship was generated, look at the Reason column in Relationship Administration.

  • A manually (UI) created relationship must be expired manually from the student's Profile tab. 

Use one of the following methods to remove a manually assigned coach/advisor or an auto-assigned advisor/coach/staff-follower relationship (that is no longer being assigned by the SIS Import process*):

  1. From SS&E Administration, People & Roles Administration -> People -> search for the person -> select the person record "institution id" -> on the person Details tab scroll to the Relationships section ->select "Expire" on the relationship you wish to remove. 2023-03-20_11_09_14-.png
  2. From SS&E Administration, Relationships Administration-> Relationships -> search by the student name/ID -> find the student and advisor/coach/staff relationship that you wish to remove from the UI -> check the record -> and then select "Expire Relationship*". 2023-03-20_11_18_57-.png

*If the relationship/subscription is still being auto-assigned the relationship may reappear on the UI after it is expired. If that happens, the relationship assignment method ("reason") will need to be removed so that it stops reappearing.

Relationships Administration - Include Expired

To view all expired relationships, including the source of an expired relationship, from Relationships Administration enter the search criteria to filter by staff, student, or both; then select "Include Expired" to view the reason how/where/why/when subscriptions were assigned and/or expired.

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