Placement Management - Mentors

All Mentors with the external role can be viewed using the Mentor tab.



This area is where all Mentors, regardless of their origination point, can be viewed and managed.


Sorting and Searching for Mentors

The list of Mentors is sorted alphabetically by last name. However, field placement coordinators can change the sort and sort the list in descending order by clicking on the “Mentor Name” column.


The field placement coordinator can search for Mentors by their name or site name. Mentors can be filtered by Content Area or Grade levels.




Adding a New Mentor

The field placement coordinator can add a new mentor to placement management.


For each mentor, the field placement coordinator needs to fill in the required data such as FirstName, LastName, and Email Address in order to add a new mentor to the system.




Email: Email is a required field. The email should be in the correct format. The system will show an error if the provided email address is in an invalid format.



Additionally, the system will check if the provided email address is associated with any existing user in Student Learning & Licensure and Field Placement. If there happens to be a user that exists in the system with the same email address that the user has provided, the system will return an error.






Grades: The grades field consists of all the grade levels starting from Pre-Kindergarten up to 12th Grade including 13th Grade and Adult Education. If a mentor teacher teaches multiple grades then the user can select multiple grades.



Content Area: The field placement coordinator can associate content areas with a mentor teacher. All the content areas that exist for an institution will be shown here. The field placement coordinator can add new content areas or can choose from the existing ones. When adding a new content area, there is a maximum of 50 characters allowed for each content area. Multiple content areas can be selected for a mentor teacher. The field placement coordinators will have the ability to search for a content area from the list.



Site: The field placement coordinator can associate a site with a mentor teacher. Multiple sites can be associated with a mentor teacher. The field placement coordinator can search for a site from the available options. 



Notes: The field placement coordinator can add any additional information related to a mentor in the notes field. The field placement coordinator can add text up to 500 characters in this field.


All the mentors created in Field Placements will also be created as an external user in the application. The following details of a mentor teacher will be used in the creation of an external user record:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address. The User_Id will be the email address provided by the field placement coordinator while creating a mentor teacher.

Note: The system will replace ‘$’ or '@’ characters in an email address with '_’ while creating a User_Id.


Editing an existing Mentor

The field placement coordinator can edit an existing mentor available in the placement management.

Steps to edit a mentor:

1. The field placement coordinator click on the more option button available against each mentor in the list.



2. A flyout gets displayed on the screen, the field placement coordinator can make the desired changes and hit on the “SAVE” button.


Ability to resend mentor notifications:

Field Placement coordinators can send email notifications to mentors (these emails are different from the auto-generated emails sent by the system when updates to a placement are made) who are associated with student placements. The email will have an SSO link that will bring navigate the mentors directly into their SL&L account in New Placement Management.

The notify mentor option is available under the Mentor’s tab for each mentor (external role users only) who is associated with student placements from sections that are open and for which Mentor notification is enabled.


Steps to Notify a Mentor:

1. Click on the Mentor tab.

2. Click on the action menu, a Notify Mentor option will be displayed.



3. When a field placement coordinator hits on the Notify Mentor option a confirmation modal gets displayed on the screen. The filed placement coordinator can send the notification by clicking the Notify button available on the modal.


4. The mentor will receive an email with an SSO link that will navigate them into their SL&L account.


Note: In the confirmation modal, the system will display the last notified date in case the mentor has been sent a notification email before. In case a filed placement coordinator is notifying a  mentor for the first time the system will display “Not notified yet

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