An "Unexpected token error" is displaying on the UI

Unexpected Token Error Message

The Unexpected token error message is a general error that does not explain exactly what happened, only that the system was unable to find and return the expected data. The error usually occurs when the request to populate the requested item took too long.

This error can happen anywhere that Student Success & Engagement needs to lookup and return data from the SS&E database to display on the UI.


An example of what may cause this error is if a browser tab is left open for a long time and then something is clicked upon.

Sometimes if a web page is "old", the system may be unable to connect to the database and return the data. Errors that may appear will display "There was an error loading abc" or "Unexpected token in position x".


Unfortunately, the error message isn't very helpful since it tells us that the response from the server is in the wrong format.  The reason that the data is in the wrong format is that the server is sending an error message which is in a different format than the "normal" expected data response.

By nature, this error can point to many underlying reasons, and in most cases logging out and logging back in will fix the error. Once resolved, this error should not reappear frequently.

If the error persists, please open a Support ticket including where the error displays and steps to recreate the error so that it can be analyzed for a resolution.


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