Overall GPA Alert

The Overall GPA alert will identify students with a cumulative GPA less than a specified value.


The job that processes Overall GPA alerts runs each day at 2:15 PM local time. It checks each student's cumulative GPA (as imported from the SIS), and if that GPA has not changed in the time period defined in the "Alert Delay" setting the alert may be sent (depending on other factors defined in the alert itself).

For instance, let's say an overall GPA alert is configured to notify when any student's GPA drops below 2.0. The Alert Delay is set to 7 days. Imagine a student had a 2.2, but a term just ended and his GPA has dropped to 1.9. The system will notice this immediately, but will wait to make sure his GPA does not change for a period of 7 days before sending the alert. As additional grades are submitted toward the end of the term, the GPA may fluctuate from day to day. Every time the GPA changes, the system resets an imaginary "timer", and once this timer expires is going to send the alert (if the criteria is matched).

The system will only send a maximum of one alert per overall GPA change. Once the overall GPA changes for a student, however, the alert may fire again once the delay passes, assuming all the other alert criteria is still matched.

Base Selection Criteria

  1. Student is a current student at the institution.
  2. Cumulative GPA credits is greater than zero.
  3. The student has had a historical GPA above zero at some point in their career at the college.
  4. Cumulative GPA is less than GPA configured in the alert.
  5. GPA has not changed in the last n number of days. This takes into account at the end of terms as grades arrive to SS&E there may be fluctuation in GPA information. 
  6. Person has the Student role.



Alert type of this alert. Will be Overall GPA.


Name of the alert


Internal, administrator only, description of the alert.


Whether the alert is active. An active alert is shown in SS&E and is able to be selected on the Settings screen by users in order to receive notifications of this alert type.

Staff UI Text

The template text that will be used on the news feed, in the daily digest email, and on the student's profile. This text is copied from the default text setup for this alert type.

Staff Roles

The roles that can view and opt in to being notified of the alert. This is done in a user's Settings area.

Notify Students

Whether to notify the student, by email, when the alert is created.

Student Email Subject

The subject text for the email to be sent to the student.

Student Email Body

The body text for the email to be sent to the student. The following variables may be used in the body of the email text:

  • ${advisor.firstName} - Advisor First Name
  • ${advisor.lastName} - Advisor Last Name
  • ${advisor.fullName} - Advisor Full Name
  • ${coach.firstName} - Coach First Name
  • ${coach.lastName} - Coach Last Name
  • ${coach.fullName} - Coach Full Name
  • ${student.firstName} - Student First Name
  • ${student.lastName} - Student Last Name
  • ${studentFullName} - Student Full Name
  • ${transcript.cumulativeGpa} - Student's Cumulative GPA
  • ${academicCalendar.startDateFormatted} - Most Recent Academic Term Start Date
  • ${academicCalendar.endDateFormatted} - Most Recent Academic Term End Date

Overall GPA Alert Delay

The number of days for which the GPA must be static prior to sending the alert.

Overall GPA Alert Threshold

The threshold of the alert. When a student has a GPA below or equivalent to this value, the alert will be sent.

Included Tags

The tags this alert will run for. If this is empty, no filtering on tags will occur.

Excluded Tags

The tags to exclude from this alert.


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