Registration Reminder

The registration reminder alert identifies students who are registered for a current term, but have not yet registered for an upcoming term. A nightly job runs to create these alerts.

Duplicates are prevented as follows. The same student will not receive the same registration reminder alert if they have already been sent one for the "Not Registered Terms" selected at the time the alert runs. Also, if there are multiple terms in the "Not Registered Terms" field, and a student is not registered for any of them, they will still only receive one registration reminder alert.

Selection Criteria

  1. Student has an active registration in one of the terms selected in the "Registered for Terms" setting.
  2. Student has not earned a degree.
  3. Student does not have a registration in the Registered status for any of the terms in the "Not Registered Terms" setting.
  4. Alert hasn't been created for the student for the terms selected in the "Not Registered Terms" selection.
  5. Has the role of "Student."



Alert type of this alert. Will be "Registration".


Name of the alert


Internal, administrator only, description of the alert.


Whether the alert is active. An active alert is shown in SS&E and is able to be selected on the Settings screen by users in order to receive notifications of this alert type.

Staff UI Text

The template text that will be used on the news feed, in the daily digest email, and on the student's profile. This text is copied from the default text setup for this alert type.

Staff Roles

The roles that can view and opt in to being notified of the alert. This is done in a user's Settings area.

Notify Students

Whether to notify the student, by email, when the alert is created.

Student Email Subject

The subject text for the email to be sent to the student.

Student Email Body

The body text for the email to be sent to the student. The following variables may be used in the body of the email text:

  • ${advisor.firstName} - Advisor First Name
  • ${advisor.lastName} - Advisor Last Name
  • ${advisor.fullName} - Advisor Full Name
  • ${advisor.emailAddress} - Advisor Email Address
  • ${coach.firstName} - Coach First Name
  • ${coach.lastName} - Coach Last Name
  • ${coach.fullName} - Coach Full Name
  • ${coach.emailAddress} - Coach Email Address
  • ${student.firstName} - Student First Name
  • ${student.lastName} - Student Last Name
  • ${student.fullName} - Student Full Name
  • ${transcriptCourse.courseSection.course.code} - Course Code
  • ${academicCalendarNames} - The terms for which the student is not registered. Defined in the Not Registered Terms below.
  • If running the alert only for a single Not Registered Term, then you can use the following:
    • ${academicCalendar.displayName} - User friendly term name based upon what is defined in the institution's SIS. If a term name is not being loaded via the data feeds, then and year will be used automatically.
    • ${} - Academic Term Name
    • ${academicCalendar.year} - Academic Term Year

Days Prior to Term Start Date When Alert Will Run

For each term included in this alert, this number of calendar days will be subtracted from the start date to determine when this alert should start to create registration reminder alerts.

Included Tags

The tags this alert will run for. If this is empty, no filtering on tags will occur.

Excluded Tags

The tags to exclude from this alert.

Registered Terms

The terms where students are registered currently. Only students registered in these terms are considered for the registration reminder alert.

Not Registered Terms

The students that are selected based on the "Registered Terms" setting will be examined to see if they have registrations in any terms in the "Not Registered Terms" setting. If no registration exists in the terms in this setting, then a registration reminder alert will be created.

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