Bulk Data Exports

There are two options for exporting your data out of AMS.

From the homepage, click on the institution name under At-a-Glance Oversight.




Multiple Assessment Cycles/Workspaces (Bulk Export)

Under the section Assessment Cycle and Operational Plan Reports, click on Multiple Assessment Cycles/Workspaces (Bulk Export). 


This report will allow you to select all Assessment/Operational Plan data from all cycles. Once you've made your selections, scroll down and click Continue.





You'll receive the following message letting you know that the data will appear in separate tabs/separate excel files. There will be one file per workspace. Each file will contain the participating areas associated with the workspace. In order to proceed, click OK. 




An Export Complete message will appear once the export has been fully downloaded. 


*Please note: You'll want to ensure that your browser settings are set to allow downloads to happen automatically in the browser. If you choose to have your downloads not appear in the browser, you'll want to check your downloads folder after you receive the Export Complete message to view your downloaded files. 


All Assessment Cycles for Each Participating Area (Bulk Export)

This report allows you to select a workspace and export the data from the participating areas that are enrolled in the workspace. You also have the option to download a zip file of attachments that have been added to the workspace. 

Select a workspace and click Go.




On the next screen, you'll be able to click into each participating area to see the data that will be exported to excel. 




If you want to proceed with exporting to excel, click the Export Data button. If you want to also include attachments, click the Export Attachments option. This will download the attachments as a zip file. You can repeat this process for the remainder of the participating areas. 

Here is the data that you can expect to receive from this export:


Report: Assessment Cycle Details
Participating Area

Date of Report Generated


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