• Organizational Security in Reports

    Introduction In Next Generation (Core NG) reports, a Unit Administrator (UA) can include organizational security to limit access to data for some users. The organizational security option only appears in Core NG reports available to the UA role, and is primarily related to assessment and evaluation reports. These reports include:  Course Evaluations 005: Aggregate Repo...

  • Viewing, Managing, and Creating Report Privileges

    Viewing, Managing, and Creating Report Privileges Tk20 consolidated the administrative areas of Report Builder and Report Management into the Reports side menu. The reports area and features will be different depending on the privileges of the role. View and Generate Reports: Roles with the privilege to view the Reports side menu will be able to view and run reports the...

  • Creating an Instant Insight Report

    Getting Started From the Report Management page, click the Create New Report button.  Step 1. Select Form To begin building a report, search and Select a Form. Click Next to continue to Step 2. Step 2. Report Settings Enter a Report Title, select the functionality(ies) for data reporting, as well as calculation options when applicable. Click Next to continue to Step 3...

  • Reporting on Standards

    The reports listed below allow you to see how standards are aligned to forms for use in Course-Based Assessment, Field Experience, and from a general administrative viewpoint. In most instances, these reports are only available to the Unit Administrator role. Administration 078: Standard Alignment by Form This report displays whether or not standards have been aligne...

  • Reports Catalog

    Next Generation (Core NG) Reports Tk20 next generation reporting is adding a dimension to the expansive Tk20 core report catalog. With each product release, additional reports will be added that feature the next generation of reporting features which include cascading menus, editable columns, a data view, an analytic display, and interactive charts. Next Generation Rep...

  • Managing Course Evaluation Reports 003 & 005

    The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to set Administrative Filters for the following reports: Course Evaluations 003: Aggregate Report on Course Evaluation Results for Faculty Course Evaluations 005: Aggregate Report on Course Evaluation Results for Administrators Administrative Filters allow you, the administrator, to control which data points other users ...

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  • Introduction to Course Evaluation 005

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  • Standard Survey Reporting

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