Reporting on Standards

The reports listed below allow you to see how standards are aligned to forms for use in Course-Based Assessment, Field Experience, and from a general administrative viewpoint. In most instances, these reports are only available to the Unit Administrator role.

Administration 078: Standard Alignment by Form

This report displays whether or not standards have been aligned with a particular form that was created in Form Builder as well as the creator, creation date, visibility, and status of the form.

Administration 080: Standards Mapping

This report displays how standards are mapped to and from each other.

Courses 012: Assessment Tool Usage in Coursework

This report displays the usage details of assessment tools, including template creator, standards attached, which instructors are using them and how many students have been assessed with each assessment tool.

Courses 066: Comprehensive Report on Coursework Templates

This report displays information pertaining to coursework templates created in Tk20. You will be able to view the creator of the template, visibility, assessment tools, and standards attached.

Field Experience/Portfolio 054: Report on Field Experience Binder/Portfolio Attachments by Standards

This report shows comprehensive standard-related data from field experience binders, broken down by student. The report provides a link for any attachments to the binder. You can narrow down the report results by selecting a standard body.

Field Experience 063: Aggregate Report on Field Experience Assessments by Standard

This report aggregates standards-related data from field experience forms, broken down by criteria. You can narrow down the report results by selecting any combination of a course number, section number, field experience form, standard body and/or term. This report displays the total number and total percentage of persons receiving each rating for each criterion on the rubric.

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