Viewing, Managing, and Creating Report Privileges

Viewing, Managing, and Creating Report Privileges

Tk20 consolidated the administrative areas of Report Builder and Report Management into the Reports side menu. The reports area and features will be different depending on the privileges of the role.

View and Generate Reports: Roles with the privilege to view the Reports side menu will be able to view and run reports they have access to from this area. Permissions for this ability can be activated for each role in AdministrationSecurityPrivileges.

Manage Access Settings and Locations: Roles that are activated as “report managers” (typically the Unit Administrator role) can manage the access settings and locations for core, custom, and NG reports. To adjust access settings and locations for a particular report, go to the reports side menu click the check box next to the specific report click the “settings icon” here you can adjust which roles to which the report should be available, which location it should be in, and if you want to make it available to a specific user, you can type that users name in the “user(s) available to section.”

If you need to give another role the “report manager” privilege, please contact These permissions can only be set by Tk20 staff.

Create Instant Insight Reports: Roles that are “report managers” and also activated as “report administrators” can create an Instant Insight Report. The Create New Report button will appear to roles with this ability. Permissions can be activated for each role in AdministrationSecurityRoles. These permissions must be set by Tk20 staff only. Please reach out to, if you need help in this area.

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