Extract Course Data Tool

Curriculum Strategy is introducing a tool that will allow catalog administrators the ability to extract all of the basic course data being housed in the catalog system.

The basic course data that will be included in the extract include:

  • Course Name
  • Course Description
  • Course Number
  • Credit Hours 
  • Subject Code
  • Subject Name
  • Prerequisite
  • Corequisite 
  • Credit Hours Maximum
  • Credit Hours Minimum
  • Offered
  • Cross Listed Courses 
  • Distribution
  • Notes
  • Active
  • Instructor

For a more customized extract, please reach out to support for more information about Custom Course APIs.

The Export Course tool can be found in the Tools option in the top ribbon.


If you do not have the Tools options active in your top ribbon, you can add that option by right-clicking the ribbon and selecting ‘Tools’.


Note: To access the tool, you must have the appropriate permissions assigned. Please reach out to support if you do not feel you have the correct permissions.

Ensure you have selected the Catalog item from where the courses should be extracted. If that item is selected, the Tool tab will become visible. If a Catalog is not selected, the Tool tab will not be visible in the tool ribbon.

With the Catalog selected, click the Export Courses button and a CSV file will be downloaded.


Due to the file being in CSV format, commas will be removed from the extract.

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