Access Current Year Role

Within the Role Manager, you will see a role labeled "access current year". This role is inherited by the "workflow draft" role which is the Draft workflow role for the catalog editors. The "access current year" role does not need to be individually assigned to user profiles because it is one of the roles that are automatically inherited to all user profiles that have catalog editing access.

This role allows the users to access each catalog as it is created and rolled over and is set up to have "Read" access only to the calendar year item and all descendants:


When using the new Catalog Rollover tool, this role is not created automatically with the new calendar year to allow administrators the ability to restrict access to a newly created catalog until they are ready.

Once they are ready and need all users to see/access the newly created draft catalog, "Read" access can be added to this role for the new year.

You can reach out to support for this request, OR you can follow the steps below to enable this access for all users with catalog permissions:

Select the new calendar year item for the newly created draft catalog and click on the Security tab within the tool ribbon. Select "Assign".



Click "Add"


In the Search field, enter "current year", hit Enter.


Select role by double clicking on it to open the next window where securities can be assigned.

Check the Item and Descendants checkboxes on "Read"

Then click OK.

All users with catalog editing rights will now see the new catalog in their content tree when logged in.

Please contact support if you have further questions or require assistance with this permission adjustment.



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