Course Evaluations & Surveys Cross-listed Course Functionality


  • Course Evaluations & Surveys supports cross-listed courses. Our approach to cross-listed courses is to establish a parent-child relationship between the courses/sections where one course section is identified as the parent course section and the other course sections are the children course sections.
  • Students are enrolled in their appropriate course section and will see within Course Evaluations & Surveys the course information for the course section they are enrolled in.
  • All survey response data for the parent and children course sections are aggregated into the parent course in reporting, and none of the individual children course sections are displayed in reporting.


Manual Setup

Setup for cross-listed courses within Course Evaluations & Surveys can be accomplished manually within a project by editing the children cross-listed course section(s) to identify the desired parent course.
  1. Click Courses within your project, and Search for the desired child course.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Under the Crosslist Course section, select the area within your account hierarchy where the parent course resides, then in the second dropdown select the parent course.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat this process for all children cross-listed course sections.

Batch Setup

Setup for cross-listed courses within Course Evaluations & Surveys can also be accomplished in a batch process if there are a large number of cross-listed courses. The batch process works with the course upload file within a project. This can be accomplished with the initial upload of the course upload file, or a course file can be exported from a project, the cross-listed fields added and then uploaded back into the project.
  1. Within the Course Upload file add the CrossListUniqueID column.
  2. For any children cross-listed course sections, add the course unique identifier (CourseUniqueID) of the parent course.
  3. Upload the Course File when ready.

Below is an example of the Course Upload file with a cross-listed course. In the example, PY100-FA14 is the parent course, and there are three children cross-listed course sections


If you are importing your courses into Course Evaluations & Surveys from an LMS, the Course Evaluations & Surveys data integrations will, by default, import the parent cross-listed course.

See your LMS's data import information within the Integrations section of Help Center for more information.


Searching for Cross-listed Courses

  1. After cross-listing courses with the Course Evaluations & Surveys functionality within a project, you can search for cross-listed courses within the Courses subsection of the project. Here, you can search for All courses, regardless of cross-listing; Non-crosslisted courses; only the Crosslisted Parent courses; only the Crosslisted Children courses; or both Crosslisted Parent and Children courses.


Reporting for Cross-listed Courses

All survey response data for the Parent and Child course sections are aggregated into the Parent course in reporting.  This means that the individual Child course(s) will not appear in reporting nor will the individual Child courses appear in the Response Rate Tracker.  Only the Parent course will appear in reporting and in the Response Rate Tracker, with the data from the Child course(s) appearing in the Parent course.

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