Placement Management - Insights

NOTE: The information in this article pertains to the original version of Placement Management. Click here to access articles for the new Placement Management

The Insights Tab

The Insights tab provides reporting and placement data exports. There are two types of insight reports: Completed Placements at Title 1 Sites and Placement by Location. Both can be filtered by Group Template (Course) and Group (Section). Setting filters on Group Template and/or Group will affect the visible data in both reports.


Placement Summary by Title 1 Sites Report

The Placement Summary by Title 1 Sites report shows how many of your placements occur at sites with a title 1 status, sites without a title 1 status, and sites with an unknown title 1 status.

The chart is interactive allowing you drill down and view which sites were used and how many placements occurred at each of those sites. To drill down, click a portion of the chart, then click View All Sites.


Placements by Location Report

The Placements by Location report shows how many students are placed by District. There is a drill down feature that displays which students were placed in those districts. To drill down, click the number of students in the Number of Placements column.


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