Placement Management - Insights

The Insights Tab

The Insights tab provides reporting and placement data exports. There are two types of insight reports: Completed Placements at Title 1 Sites and Placement by Location. Both can be filtered by Group Template (Course) and Group (Section). Setting filters on Group Template and/or Group will affect the visible data in both reports.


Placement Summary by Title 1 Sites Report

The Placement Summary by Title 1 Sites report shows how many of your placements occur at sites with a title 1 status, sites without a title 1 status, and sites with an unknown title 1 status.

The chart is interactive allowing you drill down and view which sites were used and how many placements occurred at each of those sites. To drill down, click a portion of the chart, then click View All Sites.


Placements by Location Report

The Placements by Location report shows how many students are placed by District. There is a drill down feature that displays which students were placed in those districts. To drill down, click the number of students in the Number of Placements column.


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