Placement Management - Partner Sites and Contacts Tab

The Partner Sites and Contacts Tab

NOTE: The information in this article pertains to the original version of Placement Management. Click here to access articles for the new Placement Management

The Partner Sites and Contacts Tab allows you to create and manage the list of sites where students will conduct their placements. Clicking this tab will display your current site list, grouped by District.

There are two ways to add sites to your list:

  • Search the NCES database
  • Add sites manually

To begin adding sites, click the Add Partner Sites button.


Adding Sites using the NCES database

The best method of adding sites is by using the database of schools provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). NCES manages a list of schools as well as their address, demographics, and Title I status. The Placement Management tool accesses this database, allowing you to search it to find the site to which you may send your students.

To search the database, use the search fields provided. Once you have found your sites, click the checkbox next to their names and click the Add Sites button.

TIP: When you click a field, a dropdown list will appear. However, instead of scrolling the list, you can also begin typing, and the dropdown menu will jump to your typed text.


Keep in mind that you do not need to use all the search fields. In fact, the best strategy is usually to search by state, and then county or district. For example, searching only State and District will show the list of every school in the searched District. Then you can click the checkbox ABOVE the site names list to select all the sites and add them all at one time.


NOTE: Placement Management will automatically skip any sites that are already in your sites list.


Adding Sites Manually

If a desired site does not show up when searching the NCES database, Placement Management will allow you to create a site manually.

To add a site manually, first search for the site in the database using the steps above.

NOTE: Since using the NCES database is the preferred method, Placement Management requires you to search the NCES database first.

If the site does not show up, click the Add a Partner Site Manually button at the bottom of the search list.


Adding a site manually begins with search for the site by name and/or address. To assist in making sure the right site is selected, Placement Management uses Google Maps to show you the location you have entered in the Search field. Once you have found your site, click the Continue button.


Next, complete the remaining information pages, including Site Details, Student Demographics, and District information. On each page, required fields are marked with a red asterisk. Check your inputs on the Review page, and if you are satisfied, click the Add Site button.


Adding Site Contact Information

Once a site has been added to the Partner Sites list, you can add contact information for both the District and the individual site.

To add contact information, find the site or district name in your Partner Sites list by using the search fields. Next, click the 3 dots corresponding to the desired site or district. Finally, from the menu, select Add Site Contact or Add District Contact option.


Complete the contact information and click the Save button.



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