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Prior to sending out surveys, you must determine how the recipients will access the surveys. 

  • Recipients who will login directly to Tk20 will need information regarding usernames and passwords.
  • If surveys will be accessed through a link in email, current email addresses must be collected and stored within Tk20.
  • If sending a survey to a user group (rather than a course), the user group must be created prior to sending the survey.

Step 1: Enter Basic Information

  1. Go to the Surveys side menu and click on Surveys. Click on + Create New Survey located in the side menu. Select Standard as the survey delivery method and click on Next. You will see a 4-step Wizard.
  2. Enter a Survey Title and Instructions for your survey.
  3. Make the following decisions:
    1. If you would like other users to be able to view the survey in the survey tab, choose Public for Survey Visibility.
    2. Choose whether you would like recipient responses to be anonymous.
    3. Choose whether you would like recipient to be able to complete the survey after the due date.
  4. You can then choose Create a New Survey, if this survey is for a single instance only, or you can choose a survey form from Form Builder by choosing Select Existing Survey. Surveys are created/selected in Step 3.
  5. Click on Next to continue to the next step.

Step 2: Select Recipients

  1. Surveys can be sent to either a User Group or a Course:
    1. User Group: Select the User Group to which you would like to send the survey. Multiple user groups can be chosen by checking each box next the group name.
    2. Course: Specify and Search the courses you would like to receive the survey by marking the checkbox beside.
  2. Click on Add to continue to the next step.
  3. Select the Courses by checking the box beside.

Note: Clicking on Select More Courses allows you to search for any course for which you are not an instructor. From your search results, you will need to mark the checkbox for each desired course and then click on Add.

Step 3: Survey Information

  1. If you are building a single use survey and not using a previously created form:
    1. Enter the possible answers to the survey questions Answer Titles. Assign Point Value.
    2. Click on Add New to enter the survey questions under Line Entries. To enter a question click Add question. To enter a heading click Add heading.
  2. If you are using a previously created form from Form Builder:
    1. Select the radio button next to the survey form you would like to send.
    2. To preview the form click on the name of the form. Click on Close when done.
  3. Click on Next to continue to the next step.

Step 4: Review and Finish

  1. Review the information you have entered so far, including titleinstructionsuser groups, and courses.
  2. Choose a due date/time and a start date/time. Note: You can choose to send the survey now or at a future date.
  3. Choose to Send Email. If Yes is selected, an email will be sent to the recipients with a link to the survey.
    1. If desired, enter Additional Message Text that will be included in the email.
    2. Alternative Email Subject: Enter a Subject line for the email. If no Subject line is entered, the Subject like will be the same as the title of the Survey.
    3. Note: If you use remote authentication on your campus, clicking on the link will not take you directly into the survey, but rather to the login site.
  4. Click Add New next to Reminders, if you wish to set up a reminder message that will be emailed to users that have not yet completed the survey.
  5. Select Send. If you have chosen to send at a later date, you will still need to select send at this point.

Monitoring and Reporting

  1. To review the survey and monitor completion, go to the Surveys and click on My Surveys. Click on survey title.
  2. Click on the Reports sub-tab to view available reports. These reports include:
    1. Recipients who have a pending survey
    2. Recipients who have completed the survey
    3. Aggregated Results from the Survey
    4. Displayed Results (Comprehensive)  

You can also refer to the video link: Sending a Standard Survey


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