Sending and Editing Course Evaluations

Sending Course Evaluations

After you log in to Tk20, navigate to the Course Evaluations page:

  1. Click on Course Evaluations in the side menu.
  2. Click on Create New Course Evaluation.

The Course Evaluations Page

Step 1: Enter Basic Information

  1. Title the launch of the course evaluation.
  2. Add a description for this course evaluation instance (optional).
  3. Click on Next.

NOTE: Keep in mind that at any point, you can click on the gray Save button to store your work and then click on the Close button to leave this page and return to the list of course evaluations. You will then be able to click on the title of your course evaluation with a Pending status to continue where you left off.


Completing Step 1

Step 2: Select Course(s)

Step 2 shows search fields, followed by a list of all of the courses that you are affiliated with.

    1. In the search fields, Term(s).
    2. Specify the Courses within the term to include in the launch
      1. Select All Courses to include all courses from the term.
      2. Select one of the options of Specify Courses to select some of the courses from the term.
        1. Enter search criteria in the text box below the radio buttons.
        2. Click Search.
    3. Select the checkbox next to the course(s) that you would like to add.
    4. When you are finished, click on the green Next button.


Searching for Courses in Step 2

Tip: Quickly Select Courses for Course Evaluations

Step 3: Select Course Evaluation Form

In Step 3, you will select a course evaluation form from a list of available forms. Please note that you will only be able to view forms that you have created or that you have permission to see/use.

    1. Select a Course Evaluation Form (to preview a form, click on the name).
    2. Click on Next.


Selecting a Course Evaluation Form to Use

Step 4: Review and Finish

In this fourth and final step, you can finalize and prepare your course evaluation to be submitted to students.


Finalizing and Preparing Your Form 

  1. Enter a Due Date/Time.
  2. Select a Start Date/Time.
    1. Select Send Now to launch the course evaluation after clicking Send. Or,
    2. Select Send Later and enter a Start Date/Time to launch the course evaluation at a later date/time after clicking on Send.
  3. Select whether one course evaluation form will be send to course sections with multiple instructors.
    1. If you select Yes, only one course evaluation form will be send to course sections with multiple instructors.
    2. If you select No, multiple course evaluation forms will be send to course sections with multiple instructors.
  4. Select whether or not you will allow completion after due date.
  5. Select whether or not you will automatically send the course evaluation to students enrolling later, after its start date.
  6. Select whether or not to send students an email that will notify them to submit their course evaluation.
    1. Enter additional email text (optional).
    2. Students will receive an email with one embedded link for all course evaluations they need to submit. Links are student specific and students should not share them with others.
  7. Click on Add New to send a reminder email to students who have not completed a course evaluation.
    1. Select a Send Date/Time, when the reminder will send.
    2. Enter a reminder message.
    3. Click Add.
  8. If you are not finished setting up the course evaluation and need to return to it later, click Save.
  9. If you are finished setting up the course evaluation, click Send.

Note(s): If you selected Send Later, but do not need to edit any set up details, then you must click Send or the course evaluation will not be sent at the entered day/time.

Editing Details after Launch

Once the course evaluation has been sent out, you may edit certain details as an administrator. The details you can edit include adding additional courses, changing the due date/time, allowing completion after due date, revoking a course evaluation and adding an additional smart reminder.

Revoke Entire Instance

  1. Click on Course Evaluations in the side menu. You can view all sent course evaluations from your account.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the course evaluation instance, and then click the Revoke button .
  3. Then, click OK.

Note: You may revoke an entire instance of a course evaluation. Important: This will delete the course evaluation from students’ accounts and delete any submitted course evaluation data.

Edit Details of Send Course Evaluation 

  1. Click on Course Evaluations in the side menu. You can view all sent course evaluations from your account.
  2. Click on one instance of a course evaluation by clicking on the title.
  3. There are three tabs displayed: Basic Information, Recipients, and Courses.
  4. From the Basic Information tab, you can:
    1. Send the course evaluation to additional courses by clicking on Add additional courses, Search for your course by term and course number and then click Add Selected.
    2. Adjust the due date and time.
    3. Determine whether students can complete the course evaluation after the due date. Note: If you select Yes and the student submits the course evaluation late, the status will be Complete Late.
    4. Add an additional smart reminder. Note: The reminder will only be distributed to students who have not yet submitted their course evaluation.
      1. Click on Add New.
    5. Fill out the pertinent details and click the Update button.
  5. From the Recipients tab, you may:
    1. View the date course evaluation emails went out.
    2. View the date the reminder emails were sent to students.
    3. Recall a submitted student course evaluation.
      1. Click the checkbox next to the name of the student
      2. Click the Recall button. (This will provide the student with an editable version of the course evaluation. Note: You can only recall a student’s course evaluation if the student has previously completed and submitted the course evaluation.)
  6. From the Courses tab, you may:
    1. Revoke a course evaluation from a course.
      1. Click on the checkbox next to the course
      2. Click the Revoke button. This will delete the course evaluation for that course.
 You can also refer to the video link: Sending a Course Evaluation
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