Uploading a Video in Taskstream

If you have a video file to submit in Taskstream, the following directions will help you upload it and submit for evaluation. 

Note: If your video is on your phone (Apple/Android), you should log in to Taskstream from your phone's internet browser and upload your video from there.

The file size limit for videos is 500 MB or less. If your video exceeds 500 MB, it will need to be compressed before uploading to Taskstream. See Compressing Video Files Before Uploading to Taskstream

1. Access your course or assignment.
2. Click the Videos button in the Add toolbar at the top of your work area. 



Note: If you do not see the Videos button, please reach out to your instructor or administrator to have the button enabled.

3. Click Choose File and select the video from your computer file folder.
4. After you have selected your file, click Open.
5. Type in a Name for your video file (Play Length, Description and Standards are optional). 
6. Click Add File and the video will begin uploading. 
7. A progress bar will appear on the screen and once it reaches 100%, you'll see a message that says "Your file was successfully added and appears on the list below."

Note: If the progress bar appears to be stuck, your video may be over the 500 MB limit. Please see the link below for video compression.

8. Click Save and Return to return to your work area.
9. When you're ready to submit, click Submit Work on the top right corner. 
9. A pop up window may appear, which will ask you to select your Evaluator (If your school has it enabled). Once you have selected your instructor's name, click Submit for Evaluation. If you are not asked to select an Evaluator, you can proceed with submitting your work and adding optional comments. 

Once your work has been submitted for evaluation, it will automatically be locked and a lock icon will appear next to it. This will prevent you from adding additional work, or editing existing work.

Note: Your video may not stream automatically and may appear as a black screen. It can take up to 24 hours for your video to process, but it can still be submitted and downloaded. 

Click here for instructions on how to compress your video:
Compressing Video Files Before Uploading to Taskstream

If your video is uploaded to another software, such as YouTube or Vimeo, rather than uploading the video, you may be able to embed the link from another site.  Click the link below for instructions on embedding media:

Embed Media


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