Adding Images / Embedding Videos in a DRF Program or Folio

There are three ways to add an image(s) to a text box in Taskstream:

  • Upload an image that is saved on your computer
  • Copy and paste an image from the internet
  • Upload a series of images saved on your computer into a "slideshow"

You can also embed a video or sound file from YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud.

See the directions below:


Upload from Computer

Note: The Text & Image section allows only one image to be uploaded from your computer.

1. Access your course or assignment

2. Click Text & Image in the Add tool bar toward the top of the screen.

3. To upload an image that is saved on your computer, click Add an Image to your text section on the upper left side of the screen.


4. Click Choose File / Browse to locate the image file on your computer. Optional: Type an image name in the Title box. You will not see the image after it's been uploaded until you click Save and Return.


Copy and Paste from the Internet

Note: The system allows multiple images to be copied and pasted from the internet into the Text & Image field.

If you would like to add an image that is already published to the web:

1. Locate the image from your internet browser and right click to copy image



2. In Taskstream, make sure you are in the Text & Image Section. Click your cursor into the the Text & Imabe box and type Ctrl + V ( or Cmd + V) to paste your image.

3. Click Remove Formatting from the alert window


4. Your image will appear and you can drag the corners to resize your image. The options for the location of your image are controlled by the text alignment and text indent buttons. 

Note: To move your image, click on it and click the text alignment or text indent buttons.


5. You can continue to copy and paste images from the internet to the Text & Image field. When finished, click Save and Return.



The Slideshow button allows you to add a series of images that are saved on your computer to a DRF requirement.

To create a slideshow:

1. Click Slideshow in the Add tool bar 


2. Create a title for the slideshow (you can always change it later).

3. Type the name of your first image and click Choose File to upload a file saved on your computer. 

4. Select the file and open

5. Type an optional description and click Add Image


Note: You will not see the image until you click Save and Return, but you will see the list of your uploaded images.


6. Click the image name and Move Up, Move Down, or Remove Selected to change the order.

7. Click Save and Return 

8. To preview your slideshow, click View As Folio on the top left of the screen. 

9. A new window / tab will open in your browser with a preview of your folio, including the slideshow. Click the arrows or the thumbnail images to advance the slideshow.


10. Close the browser window to exit the preview.


Embed Media

With the Embed Media button, you can directly attach videos or music files from other websites such as Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud, or SlideShare. In order to be shared in this way in Taskstream, media must have been created and/or stored in a web-based application and have its own public URL. Embedding will not work if the link is restricted or private.


To embed media:

1. Copy the URL from the video, photo album, slideshow, etc.

You can typically find the URL by clicking "Share" as seen in the YouTube screenshot below. 


2. In Taskstream, access the area of your DRF program (or folio) where you would like to embed media, and click the Embed Media button.


Note: If the Embed Media button does not appear, then contact your instructor or school administrator who can enable it for the program.

3. Paste the copied URL into the URL box, create a title and write an optional description.

4. Click Add.

Note: You can embed multiple media from different sources.

4. When you have finished adding media, click Save and Return. 

Embedded video and sound files will play directly from Taskstream after the are embedded.

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