Archiving Participating Areas

If participating areas in your organizational hierarchy are no longer active or will otherwise no longer track assessment and planning data in AMS, you first need to un-enroll those areas from your workspaces. This will remove the participating areas from both your users' home pages and from any reports that you run on your workspaces. To un-enroll a participating area from a workspace in AMS, please follow the steps below: 

1. From the AMS Coordinator menu on the homepage (of an account with the appropriate management permissions), click the Workspace Tools link. Next, click the Workspace Management link. 

2. Select the workspace by clicking on the title or its corresponding Edit button. 

3. Go to the (3) Enrollment tab. 

4. Click the Unenroll button on the left-hand side of the screen. 

5. Click the check box(es) next to the area(s) you want to unenroll. 

6. Click the Unenroll Participants button. 

Once you have un-enrolled your Participating Areas from your workspaces we do not recommend deleting the Participating Areas from your organizational hierarchy. Instead, to preserve the integrity of your institutional assessment data, we suggest moving any inactive or unused participating areas into a branch at the bottom of your hierarchy called Z_Archive. This way, they no longer appear along with your active participating areas when you look at your hierarchy, but they can always be re-enrolled into your workspaces if you ever need to retrieve any data associated with them.

To move Participating Areas in your hierarchy, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your System Administrator page
2. Click Institution Structure
3. Click define nodes to the right of the branch with the Participating Area you would like to move
4. Click Paste into another branch at the top of the hierarchy 
5. Select the Z_Archive branch from the drop down menu and click Go
6. Click Paste next to the Participating Area into which the moved Participating Area should be placed. 

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