Designate AMS Coordinators

To designate an AMS Coordinator and assign or change permissions for an existing Coordinator, please follow these steps. AMS Coordinators are able to use one or more of the following tools: Workspace Management Tools, Announcements, Manage Resources, At-A-Glance Reporting, Organization Goals Editor, Affiliation Management, Survey Distribution, Faculty Credentials (includes Faculty Activity Report, Credentials Report, Review Credentials, Approve Credentials).

  1. From the OA manager account, click on the System Administrator link in the left panel of the home page (underAMS Coordinator).
  2. Log into System Administrator.
  3. Click the Go button for Designate AMS Coordinators, then click the Designate New AMS Coordinator button.
  4. Search for the user by name and click Select user.
  5. Check off the permissions you would like to assign and check off their administrative domains below.
    1. Scroll to the bottom and click Update permissions.
  6. To change permissions for any AMS Coordinator, click on the Edit or Remove links to the far right on the Designate New AMS Coordinator page.

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