How to Permission Someone With At-a-Glance Reports and Analytics


To begin, the person or people you’re adding permissions to will need to have an AMS account. Please see our guide on how to create accounts if one has not already been created.

Once they have an account, you can conveniently add reports permissions at the institution-level, college-level, or the department level.


System Administrator


Note: If you do not know your Access Code and Password or you do not have System Administrator access, please contact our Support Team by clicking Submit A Request (subject: AMS System Admin Access).


Once you’ve reached the System Administrator Home Page, click on AMS Coordinators in the second panel on the left.


On the top left-side, click the DESIGNATE NEW AMS COORDINATOR button.


Check the boxes for At-a-Glance Reporting and Analytics. (Note: If your school uses faculty credentials, you can feel free to assign these permissions as well.) For more information on coordinator permissions, you can read the descriptions at the end of this guide.



Lastly, scroll all the way to the bottom and click Update Permissions.


Repeat these steps for any additional users you wish to permission with reports.


AMS Coordinators

Any user can be designated as an AMS Coordinator with any or all of the following permissions: Workspace Tools, Announcements, Manage Resources, At-A-Glance Reporting, Organization Goals Editor, Affiliation Management, Survey Distribution, Faculty Activity Report, Credentials Report, Review Credentials, Confirm Credentials, enter Information on Faculty’s Behalf.


Workspace Management Tools: Users with workspace management are able to build workspace templates, enroll departments, programs, administrative offices, or courses into workspaces, and enroll managers and reviewers into workspaces.

Announcements: Post announcements to the AMS Homepage. Resource Management: This allows users assigned this permission to share web pages and rubrics created in your account with your community. This tool is not frequently used.

Analytics: Run high-level activity reports that graphically display assessment progress. Ability to run these reports only on specified domains.

At-a-Glance Reporting: Run reports on data entered into workspaces. System Administrators can assign this permission so that coordinators can run reports only on their own administrative domain, such as their department.

Organization Goals Editor: Create and distribute goal sets that will allow different organizational areas to map to those sets.

Affiliation Management: Add specific affiliations (departments, programs, courses etc.) to specific accounts so those users can enter assessment data into their area’s workspace(s). The individual must also have Workspace Management Tools and be enrolled as a manager in that workspace in order to grant View/Edit access to an individual user (Workspace Participant).

Survey Distribution: Able to create and distribute surveys.

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