System Admin- How to update a subscriber's name

When a Taskstream subscriber has a name change, we now have a way for System Administrators to update the names of users from the System Admin area of their manager account.

The steps to change a Taskstream subscriber’s first and/or last name are:

  1. Log into the manager account
  2. Click System Administrator and enter the access code and password
  3. Click Subscribers’ Information
  4. Click Launch Member Locator
  5. A window pops up. Enter the name as it currently appears in Taskstream and click Search
  6. Check the box next to the name in the search results and click Save and Close
  7. Click the name in the Subscriber column
  8. A window pops up. Edit the first/ last name fields as needed,  and click Update.

The pop up will close, but if you’d like to double check, you can search for the updated name in the member launcher.

Also, if a subscriber is affiliated with more than once organization, a lock will appear by their name and it can only be changed by our Support Team. Click Submit A Request (subject: AMS Name Change).

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