Enabling Analytics

The Analytics tab is currently only enabled for AMS Coordinators. To enable this feature for other users, you must have access to System Administrator.

1. Log in to Taskstream and then log in to System Administrator.

2. Click AMS Coordinators

You will have the option to either Designate a New AMS Coordinator or edit the current permissions for the AMS Coordinators.

3. To edit permissions, click the Edit button under the Options column.

4. Click the check box next to Analytics and click the Update Permissions button.

To designate a new AMS Coordinator,

5. Click the Designate AMS Coordinator button.

6. If you are searching by name, type in the name and click the Search button. Next to the name, click the Select User button. If you are searching by letter, click the appropriate letter and click the Select User button next to the appropriate name.

7. Click the check box next to Analytics and choose the Administrative Domain for which this user will have permissions.

8. Click the Update Permissions button at the bottom of the screen.
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