Manage Administrative Data

The Manage Administrative Data utility will be retired soon. For an updated process on managing administrative data, please review our Create New Yearly Data Records Using Export Data and Data Import Utility article.


A resource for updating Yearly Data records in bulk is accessible by users with the applicable security permissions via the Manage Data area of the system.


The Manage Administrative Data utility within the Manage Data utility.

It is very important to ensure that every user has a current and accurate Yearly Data record, as Faculty Success uses the most recent record for two purposes:

  • It indicates the college and department assignments that affect the security and reporting available to the user
  • It dictates which data collection fields and screens a user can see

The Manage Administrative Data utility gives administrative users a central place to manage the Yearly Data records for those users within their scope of access. Rather than needing to Manage Data for each individual user separately in order to update or create Yearly Data records, you can manage these in bulk here.

How it works

Manage Administrative Data will present you with the ability to select a specific year's Yearly Data records to view, defaulting to the current academic year. A list of the Yearly Data records for that academic year will appear.


If a user does not have a Yearly Data record for the selected academic year, the most recent existing record for that user will display, highlighted in red. If a user's account has been disabled, his or her most recent Yearly Data record will be presented, highlighted in grey. From here, you will be able to edit one Yearly Data record at a time, copy an individual user's most recent Yearly Data record forward to create a Yearly Data record for the selected academic year, or perform the Copy Forward function in bulk.

➤ To perform the bulk Copy Forward function:

  1. Select the academic year up to which you want to copy Yearly Data records.
  2. Select View to ensure the Manage Administrative Data utility reflects the records relevant for the chosen academic year.
  3. Select Copy All Forward once
  4. In the confirmation pop-up, click OK.

Note: If you have customized the Yearly Data screen to collect data by term and year or by calendar year rather than academic year, the Manage Administrative Data utility will account for this. Be sure to review the confirmation message carefully when using the Copy All Forward function to ensure records copy forward as expected. Yearly Data records for disabled user accounts cannot copy forward.

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