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The Reports utility is the central place for all reporting in Faculty Success. On the Reports menu you will see a list of various types of reports:

  • Base Reports. These reports are primarily used for accreditation purposes. They are automatically updated based on changes to various accreditors' updates to their templates and standards.
  • Full-Service Reports. This refers to any reports that have been custom-built for you by the Faculty Success development team.
  • Self-Service Reports. This refers to any reports created by you (or created by another user and shared with you) using the "Create a new report" button.

Depending on the type of report, you may have some options available, such as Delete, Duplicate, or Rename. The "Created By" column indicates whether the report is Full-Service or Self-Service. If the report is Self-Service, this column will list the name of the user who created the report, with an email link to contact that user.

Export Report Usage


If you are the top-level administrator for your data collection and reporting instrument (with access to the Work Request utility), you will also have access to an "Export Usage" tool that will generate a detailed list of all report usage in your instrument. You may run this export for any date range up to 120 days at a time.

This export includes information such as:

  • Name and username of the user who ran a report
  • Run time (when the report was generated)
  • Report name
  • Report type
  • File format
  • Start Date and End Date over which the report was run
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