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In your day-to-day work with Faculty Success, it is helpful to have materials to reference how your data collection instrument is currently configured. The Configuration Report is a one-stop-shop for this information. This is a system-generated Microsoft Excel workbook showing the structure of your Faculty Success instrument, with the details of the input fields for each screen on a separate worksheet.

The Configuration Report provides the following information:

On the "Overview" tab...

  • Screen codes.
  • Summary Display logic. This refers to the information that displays on the summary screen, or the list of existing records for a given screen.
  • Screen access settings.
  • Force editable. For screens with access restrictions, are users allowed to create new records?
  • Date required. This tells you whether users must enter a significant date before saving the record.
  • Primary Key. This is a group of fields that can be used to identify unique records and prevent the creation of duplicates when importing data.

On the screen-specific tabs...

  • Field codes.
  • Field types.
  • Field access settings.
  • Required?
  • Default value.
  • Minimum/maximum values.
  • Options. This pertains to drop-down lists of checkbox lists with predefined options.
  • Other attributes. This includes field-specific help text.

Please see the bottom of the article for a sample Configuration Report. Please note that this is a generic example that will not necessarily reflect your instance of Faculty Success.

➤ To download your current Configuration Report:

  1. In Faculty Success, select Home in the Navigation Bar (under "Tools").
  2. In the Home page, select Download the configuration.
  3. If prompted, open the file with Microsoft Excel or save it to your computer for later viewing.

The Home page, showing where to retrieve the Configuration Report.

Note: If you will be importing data from other campus systems into Faculty Success, the Configuration Report is a great starting point for building those import files. Use the Field or Group or Code column of the Configuration Report to create the header row of your import file. Then use the Data Type and Options columns to see if the destination fields in Faculty Success expect the incoming data in a particular format.

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