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Like many of the Regional Accreditors in the United States, SACSCOC considers faculty qualifications as part of its Principles of Accreditation. Section 6.2 addresses this requirement, noting that the institution must justify and document the qualifications of all faculty members. SACSCOC also provides a specific template - The Faculty Roster - for institutions to utilize as part of their compliance certification report. Faculty Success has collaborated with a number of SACS-accredited institutions to ensure that the Faculty Roster report we provide accurately reflects the academic and other justifications for faculty.

Report Details

The SACS Faculty Roster Report displays all teaching faculty alphabetically by assigned department and lists each of the courses taught in the given time frame as well as the faculty member’s academic degrees and coursework.

SACSCOC recognizes that faculty may be qualified for reasons outside of traditional degrees, licenses and certifications, and the report’s last column provides a place to display these other qualifications and comments. Faculty Success provides two different ways that institutions can choose to document faculty qualifications in Faculty Success and the SACS Faculty Roster is compatible with both.

In the Basic Approach, a new read-only text box is added to the Permanent Data screen where comments and explanations regarding “other qualifications” can be entered. This information will be pulled into the fourth column of the report.  

For institutions that are looking to more clearly document the link between each individual course the qualifications related to it, our Course Level Approach provides an additional screen that allows administrators to select the specific degrees, licenses/certifications and work history via record reference fields, add additional text and supporting documentation and connect the relevant courses to that qualification. Institutions that select this approach will receive an additional audit report designed to help keep this new screen up to date.

Other Things to Note

  • As part of implementing this report, we will also add a new value of “Developmental” to the Course Level drop down on the Scheduled Teaching screen as well as a new checkbox field on that screen to indicate whether the course is transferable.
  • For faculty to display on this report, they must have Scheduled Teaching records that fall within the date range – remember to keep your records on this screen up to date for your faculty!
  • If you are using the Course Level Approach, only the qualification records that are associated with Scheduled Teaching records taught within the date range will display.
  • If you have a faculty member with dual college assignments, the faculty information will display in only the primary department.

Request this Report

If you would like to implement the Faculty Roster report, simply submit a ‘Report Setup’ work request asking for this base report.

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