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The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges is one of the six regional institutional accreditors in the United States. SACSCOC accredits degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions in the Southern states.

At Faculty Success, we recognize that faculty activities can provide a wealth of valuable data for your compliance certification report. That’s why we’ve worked with a variety of SACS-accredited institutions to better understand the needs and develop a series of base reports that can be used to support the Principles of Accreditation.

For more details on the specific reports that are currently a part of the SACS Base Report Suite, view the following articles:

SACS Faculty Roster

SACS Professional Development Summary Report

We are continually working to expand this suite of reports and are also happy to work with individual institutions to develop custom reports to further support accreditation needs.

The table below is a quick matrix, describing some of the Principles where Faculty Success can provide support and evidence. Some of these reports are already available for you to put in place now (simply submit a work request!) and others are reports we are considering for future development. Let us know in the comments section if some of the “potential reports” listed would be beneficial to you!

Principle of Accreditation

Faculty Success Support


The institution employs and regularly evaluates administrative and academic officers with appropriate experience and qualifications to lead the institution. (Qualified administrative/academic officers)

Potential: Administrative/ Academic Officers Qualification Report


The institution employs an adequate number of full-time faculty members to support the mission and goals of the institution. (Full-time faculty; CR)

Potential: Faculty Counts and Workload Report


For each of its educational programs, the institution justifies and documents the qualifications of its faculty members (Faculty qualifications)

SACS Faculty Roster


For each of its educational programs, the institution employs a sufficient number of full-time faculty members to ensure curriculum and program quality, integrity, and review (Program faculty

Potential: Faculty Counts and Workload Report


For each of its educational programs, the institution assigns appropriate responsibility for program coordination (Program coordination)

Potential: Program Coordination Report


The institution publishes and implements policies regarding the appointment, employment and regular evaluation of faculty members, regardless of contract or tenure status (Faculty appointment and evaluation)

Various Annual Review reports and workflow evidence within Faculty Success


The institution provides ongoing professional development opportunities for faculty members as teachers, scholars, and practitioners, consistent with the institutional mission (Faculty development)

Professional Development Summary Report


The institution places primary responsibility for the content, quality and effectiveness of the curriculum with its faculty (Academic governance)

Potential: Curriculum Development Report


The institution ensures an adequate number of professional and other staff with appropriate education or experiences in library and/or other learning/information resources to accomplish the mission of the institution (Library and learning/information staff)

Potential: Library and Learning Staff Qualification Report


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