Why are Current Grade Alerts not running

Reported Issue

Current Grade Automated Alerts are not producing the expected alerts.


Current Grade Alerts are triggered when the current grades syncing from the LMS system fall below the institution defined current grade percentage threshold defined in automated alerts configuration.

To view the alert processing logic and verify the alerts being triggered for a Current Grade Automated Alert, view the alert's History tab from SS&E Administration > Alerts > Automated Alerts, found here.

  • To learn more about how to check Current Grade Alert History, click here.

The most common reason why current grade alerts did not trigger an expected alert is that the LMS current grade data is not syncing properly with SS&E. Checking the students' Courses tab will display the most recent data syncing from the LMS for each individual course section. If the current grade is missing or incorrect, that is most likely why the student alert is missing.

  • To learn more about the LMS Enrollment Data Synchronization process, click here.
  • If needed, the SS&E Administrator may need help from the school's LMS Administrator/IT team to help resolve missing LMS data.

Use one of the following methods to view what data is currently syncing from the LMS API:

  • Click here to search Course Sections Administration by the course LMS Id /course /section /current term /instructor. Once the course section is found, view the course section record details and click on "Enrollments from LMS" to view the LMS data syncing with SS&E.
    2024-02-19 10_32_52-Media Player.png
  • Click here to access LMS Integration Administration > Manual API Calls and view the LMS Enrollment data by entering the course LMS Id used to sync enrollment data from the LMS with SS&E.
    2024-02-19 10_32_10-Manual Lms Actions.png

If the current grade data is not syncing properly from the LMS System, that will explain why the current grade automated alerts are missing.

To fix this, the underlying reason why the current grade data is not syncing must be resolved.

  • For instruction that help resolve missing LMS enrollment data for all students, click here.
  • If only one/a few students are missing LMS enrollment data, click here.
  • If ONLY current grades are missing from the LMS Enrollment Data, check the grade formatting to make sure it is set correctly as a Percentage in the LMS Course settings, further explained here.
  • Click here for article that helps troubleshoot why some courses are not syncing any data from the LMS.

If you cannot resolve the missing LMS data by using the above articles, open a support ticket with the results from the above troubleshooting, including screenshots of the reported issue and the scope of what LMS data is not syncing.







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