Curriculum Strategy Release Notes for February 21, 2024

Curriculum Strategy: Catalog Workbox Access from Unified Navigation

Curriculum Strategy has created a faster and more effective way to access and work within the catalog workbox. With our next feature release, you will see these changes available through your Unified Navigation.

Current Catalog Workbox Access

This is the current catalog workbox experience, found within your content management system.

While the functionality of the workbox helps review, approve, and decline catalog changes, access to the workbox could be faster, and movement within the workbox can be frustrating.

Upgraded Experience

With this latest release, the catalog workbox will now be accessible from Unified Navigation, offering a better user experience and improved performance.

Located via the Catalog link in the left-hand navigation, the workbox is displayed right from the Catalog screen, with the same functionality but an improved experience. For users familiar with our 

Curriculum Management module, the workbox experience is similar to the My Items workbox in Curriculum Management. 

How it Works

Select the Catalog link from the left-hand navigation.

*note: previously this link launched the Catalog Editor. You can now do that from the new Catalog Workbox screen with the "Launch Catalog Editor" button in the top left hand corner.

The Workflow dropdown will default to Draft. From this drop-down, select the Workflow state you’d like to review.

To review an item change from within the content editor, select the linked item from the Name column. You can also select the icon from the last column for the same action.


To compare the proposed changes to the existing item, select the comparison icon from the last column. The compare view will open in a new window, with an easy-to-read interface.


To preview how the changes will appear on the live catalog site, select the Preview icon.

The item path is also available so you can easily see which item is proposing a change.

If an email needs to be sent to user who proposed a change, select the email icon from the last column to launch the email.

After reviewing the changes, select the item that should be moved through the workflow. You can select more than one item if they both moving to the same workflow state.

By selecting the “Select Workflow Action” drop-down, the options available to move the items will display. Select the next workflow state (which may be a final approval.) 

A pop-up message will confirm the changes, and the items will then be moved.


Unified Navigation 

Still getting comfortable with Unified Navigation? Learn more here.

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