Curriculum Strategy Release Notes for September 13, 2023

Catalog Course Page Filter Option

Every catalog has a Course (or Course Description) page, which is the parent item for all courses. Currently, the Courses pages default to look like this:

Users can now search for courses on your course page and getting this feature on your course page is as simple as checking a box!

If you would like to implement a course filter on the Courses parent page, you can do this by selecting this checkbox on the Catalog item (meaning the selection needs to be made on a catalog-by-catalog basis.) Once the checkbox is checked and the been saved, republish the catalog to update the live Course page. You can check it in a Preview first to review how it will appear once published.



The filter allows users to find courses by name, subject code, and number or search through all subject codes.



The filter will not replace any information entered into the Content field on the Course page, but the filter will appear first on the page and replace the existing subject code link list.

Please note: You can make the change to use the new Course page filter, on a catalog by catalog basis. It may require some extra editing to the current Courses page, especially if there is other content on this page.

The Course Filter feature works on the presumption that:

  • There is one main courses folder per catalog

  • The main courses folder has child items based on the Course Folder template and each of those represents a subject. These are called Subject Folders and are usually labeled "ACC-Accounting" for example but this naming structure is not required.

    • The subject column in the filter shows the Display Name of these Subject Folders.

    • It is fine to have other items in the main courses folder as long as they are not based on the Course Folder template.

    • If there is a folder named Narrative Courses, that will not be included in the table, nor will its contents.

  • The Subject Folders contain courses.

    • The courses can be organized however the client likes within subfolders within the Subject Folders, e.g. 100, 200, 300, Lab, Lecture, etc. The system will find the courses however deeply they are nested, as long as they are based on the Course template.

  • The courses are based on a template named “Course” having a Course Name field. The Course Name field will be used for the course name in the Course filter table.


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