Student Success & Engagement Release Notes for February 2, 2024 (10.0.0)

Shared Filter Enhancement

Shared filters allow staff and faculty to share a filter with an individual or everyone within a role.

The top benefits gained from shared filters are that:

  1. Individual users can share interesting or important groups of people with each other
  2. Administrators and power users can set up "approved" groups of people that staff can use to standardize business processes
  3. Non-population builders (eg. marketers) can easily target standardized groups of people without having to define them

Enabling Filter Sharing: Shared Filter Permissions

Shared Filter Permissions are set in Role Administration and allow users to share a filter with specific users and/or selected roles.

2024-01-30 12_09_24-Edit Role.png

  • By default, shared filter permissions are enabled only for the Administrator role.
  • To allow non-Administrators to share filters, grant role-based permissions to share with individuals and/or roles.
    • Users that do not have an Administrator role will not be able to share filters until filter permissions are enabled in Role Administration.


A few of the shared filter attributes:

  • Filters can be shared with permission to use only, or to use and edit the filter.
  • Only the filter owner can delete a filter.
    • If deleted, shared filters that have been used in a pipeline, campaign, or scheduled message will not be removed.
  • Filters are "person type" specific and cannot be shared between different person types (if enabled).
  • All filters can now be viewed and managed in the new Filters Admin page, located within SS&E Administration

Filter Caseload Criteria

Shared filters introduce the option to filter on other user's caseloads.

  • When creating a new filter, the filter can be scoped to your own caseload, everyone, or select user(s) caseload(s).
  • A user's role(s) determines if they can view shared filters outside of their caseload. Shared filters will display or be hidden based on each user's Profile View Configuration settings.
    • If a user cannot view outside their own caseload, a filter shared with them will not appear in their filters list and cannot be used by that user.

2024-01-31 23_13_59-Roles.png

2024-02-04 19_23_32-Mail.png

For more detailed information about Shared Filters, click here.

Filter Folders

Today's release also introduces folders, allowing users to organize their filters.

2024-01-30 20_12_10-Students - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

  • There is only one level of filter folders; users cannot create secondary folders or subfolders.
  • By default, folder names will automatically display in alphabetical order.
  • A filter can only display in one folder.

For more information about Filter Folders, click here.

Filters Administration

2024-01-30 08_41_10-Filters - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

This release also introduces a Filters Administration page, allowing Administrators to view and manage all filters within the institution including detailed information about:

  • The filter info - filter name, filter owner, filter icon, filter person type
  • The filter criteria - a list of what appears in "Edit Filter"
  • The filter sharing permissions - who can view/edit or view only
  • Who the filter is shared with - their name, id, and email address
  • The filter results - a list of the targeted subpopulation, who is in the filter results
  • Administrators can also change ownership of the shared filter from the filter detail page

2024-01-30 08_48_33-.png

For more information about Filters Administration, click here.



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