Update an Institution's Theme

In SS&E, both the header color and/or the logo can be updated to appear similar to other institution sites.

Note: These options will only display in Edit mode.

To change the theme, navigate to the institution configuration page. Administration -> Configuration -> Institution Configuration.

  1. Click the Edit button in the upper right.
  2. To update a logo:
    1. In the Theme section, click the Choose File button below the Logo field.
    2. Browse to a logo that you have created. The logo size must be 127x46 and it must have a transparent background. This can be done by using a website like picresize.com or an image editor on your desktop such as Gimp.
  3. To update the color scheme:
    1. Select the color picker and enter the hex value of the desired header color. Note that the text in the header will always be white, so choose a dark header color whenever possible.
  4. Click the Update button. The new color scheme and/or logo should be updated on the display.
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