"Messages Experiencing Downtime" Health Status Check


The Messages status displayed on the Health Status page found in SS&E under the Advanced menu is used to notify Administrator users about failed messages.

In most SS&E systems, messages fail on a daily basis since the nature of messaging is that there are known issues that are present yet do not get resolved since they are not relevant. However, that is for each institution to decide.

Why are messages failing?

When message errors exist, the Health Status page will show a red warning symbol next to Messages indicating that "messages are experiencing downtime" in order to provide SS&E Administrators visibility into why Messages are failing. 

  1. Clicking on Messages from the System Health grid allows users to see the number of message errors, i.e. how many messages are currently failing to send.
  2. Clicking on Failing from the Messages Heath Check section opens the Messages Report found under Messaging Administration.
  3. When message errors exist, the reasons why messages are failing display on the Message Report in the report header.
    • Click here to view a list of Message Error types optionally displayed on the Message Report in SS&E - Messaging Administration.
  4. To view messages associated with a specific error type, select the error from the Message Report "Error" filter dropdown.
        • Selecting the Message ID displays additional message details for a specific message.

How do I remove the message error(s)?

Once an error is reviewed and/or resolved, click on "Manually Override" to clear the message error from displaying on the Message Report header and the Health Status check.

  • Manually overriding a message delivery error does not delete any messages from SS&E.
  • Rather, this overrides the current "error" status and replaces it with a "Manual Override" status.
  • These messages will still display on the Message Report associated with status MANUAL_OVERRIDE.


The following screenshots show how to find and remove Message errors from being displayed in SS&E

Health Status Menu


Messages Section


Message Report Header



Manual Override Confirmation


Message Report "Failed Message Errors" are removed


Health Status Messages warning is removed


Message Report now displays these messages with a "Manual Override" status

These messages were not deleted from the SS&E database and can still be found on the Message report.

  • Searching by Status "MANUAL_OVERRIDE":


  • Searching by Error Type:




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