Message Report Error Codes


Messaging errors display both on the Message Report on the Messaging report source and on the Message Report in SS&E Administration -> Messaging Administration.

  • On the Message report source, many SMS (text messaging) related errors are listed only with a Twilio error code number. 
  • On the Message Report in SS&E Administration, messaging errors are usually displayed in "words".
  • To access the Message Report from the hyperlink, replace yourInstitution to fix the URL, further explained here.

The following information can help link between both message reports.

SMS Messaging Error Codes

From the Twilio website:

Error Code Error Message Error Message Link
400 Bad Request
21211  Invalid 'To' Phone Number

Unsubscribed recipient

(Attempting to send a message to a number that has opted out of receiving text messages)
30003 Unreachable destination handset
30004 Message blocked
30005 Unknown destination handset
30006 Landline or unreachable carrier
30007 Message filtered
30008 Unknown error
30034 Unregistered Number


Messaging Error Types

Missing SMS Phone Type

  • The student recipient does not have a phone number that is associated with the Deafult SMS Phone Type.
  • Ensure that the student phone number is present and that it is associated with the SMS phone type defined in SMS Configuration. For more information, click here.

Phone Number Limit Reached

  • Your texting plan limit has been exceeded for the creation of new phone numbers (senders).
  • The SMS Phone Number usage limit can be viewed in SMS Configuration. Please contact your Client Success Manager if this needs to be increased.

SMS Message Limit Reached For The Month

  • Your texting plan limit has been exceeded for the number of messages that can be sent.
  • The SMS Messager limit can be viewed in SMS Configuration. Please contact your Client Success Manager if this needs to be increased.

Attempt To Send To Unsubscribed Recipient 21610

  • The student has opted out of text messaging and requested not to receive SMS messages from SS&E using a STOP messaging keyword.
  • To learn more about opting out of SS&E Text Messaging, click here.

Failed To Provision a New Number For Message Sender

  • A new phone number could not be created for the sender. Please open a ticket with SS&E support in this scenario.

Unknown Send Exception

  • The send of the message failed for an unknown reason.

Unknown Update Delivery Exception

  • The message was not able to be marked as delivered.
  • This does not mean that the message did not arrive, it simply means that we were not able to confirm it.

Invalid Message Body

Invalid Message Body 8 is usually caused by an unresolved message subject/body template variable(s). For example:

  • {studentFullName} will generate an error if used in a message body as a field variable that does not resolve to any value. To verify this, if you select the message ID from the message report, it will display {studentFullName} within the message subject and/or body causing the Invalid Message Body error code. To fix this, use a template variable that is resolved correctly.
  • Including a course name in Staff Initiated Alerts by using ${} in the message subject and/or body will generate an error if this does not resolve to any value. To fix this, use a message subject/body template variable that will display the course name correctly.
      • Before, the Invalid Message Body Error Code appeared:
        ${student.fullName} you have been sent an alert for ${} in ${}.  Please see me for details, I am happy to help.
      • After, the Invalid Message Body Error Code went away:
        ${student.fullName}, You have been sent an alert for ${} #if(${courseSection}) in ${courseSection.course.code}-${courseSection.section} - ${}#end. Please see me for details, I am happy to help.
  • If the message subject/body has an invalid error code and shows something's odd that is not a message template variable, eg. is not dispalyed within parenthesis etc. please verify the message source to check how/why this was included.
  • If there is nothing that looks incorrect in the message subject and/or body when checking the message by selecting the message ID from the Message Report, then most likely the invalid message body error is being caused by an HTML link in the message body that includes an invalid variable.
      • To troubleshoot this, find the exact message body source in Administration and test every linked "HTML code" to check if it resolves properly. If it does not resolve, then the variable must be replaced so that the message body link is working.
  • In the past this error message would appear when a text message included over 160 characters, however the character limit was changed to 1000 since Twillio breaks up the message strings behind the scenes when sending messages anyhow.

Invalid Subject

  • Same as above but for the subject

Invalid Recipient Email

  • The recipient does not have an email in a valid email format.
  • If a person's email address that the message is trying to send to is missing/"null" in the SS&E database - Person record /Person data feed Imported Data View, an "Invalid recipient email" error message will display on the Message Report.
  • To fix this error message, identify the person's "missing" email address and then enter it into the Person Override menu and/or verify the SIS Import Definitions are setup correctly to import the primary(organizational)/secondary(personal) email addresses from the SIS into SS&E.

SMS Not Configured

  • SMS Configuration has not been set up in the Administration panel.
  • For more information about SMS Configuration Administration, click here.

Recipient Unsubscribed /Attempt To Send To Unsubscribed Recipient

  • The recipient has requested to not receive messages from this thread.
  • SS&E will automatically set the recipient phone number to SMS Disabled.

Invalid Recipient Phone Number

  • The recipient's phone number is not a valid number

Unknown Destination Handset

The handset device associated with this number cannot receive texts.

Carrier Violation 30007

A Carrier Violation error message indicates that a mobile carrier(s) is blocking messages outside of Student Success & Engagement Messaging.

  • To fix this error message, please check the blocked message subject/body by clicking on the Message ID(s) from the Message Report. Most likely there is a shortened URL that mobile carriers are identifying as a spam link. Since this error is generated by wireless carriers, we recommend trying to use the full URL or a different URL shortener, and then with trial and error figure out which URL does not generate an error.
  • If the SMS Message is in a Failed status due to a Carrier Violation, by design, SS&E Messaging will attempt to send any failed text messages as an email message instead. Checking the Message Report will confirm if a failed SMS was resent successfully to the recipient's email address.

Unregistered Number

An unregistered number indicates that the phone number used to send messages in the US is using a US 10DLC number that is not associated with an approved A2P 10DLC Campaign.

  • As of 8/31/2023 this error should not occur as there will be no outstanding system-assigned text messaging numbers pending Twilio approval.
  • If you see an error 30034 on the Message Report that was generated after 8/31/2023, please open a Support ticket so that we can verify that the system-assigned texting number is associated with your registered/approved Twilio Text Messaging Service.
  • The system-assigned text messaging "phone" numbers used by SS&E are created and mangeed within the Twilio application at the individual institution level. Once set up in Twilio by the SS&E Implementation team and configured in SS&E SMS Messaging Administration, Twilio enabled text messaging is managed automatically behind the scenes and is seamless to the institutional end users. 
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