Email Abuse Report from Amazon SES

Reported Issue

An email was returned with a message that it was bounced.

  • The email is from
  • The email message says that "This is an email abuse report for an email message from".

Why is this happening?

When a recipient of your email campaign clicks the spam button (or its equivalent, such as a "junk mail" button) in their email application, then their email service provider (such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) will typically send a message back to Amazon Simple Email Services (Amazon SES), which is what is being received.

Where does this display within SS&E?

Looking at the "To" field in the forwarded email message will show which user clicked on spam. If you search for the user in People Administration, and click into their User Details, the email address that they clicked on spam from will now be assigned to the Supressed Email Address Destinations List, so that no subsequent emails can be sent from within SS&E to this speciifc email address.

What to do?

There is nothing that must be done, since the option to mark an email as spam happens on the recipient side and cannot be disabled. However, if you think that an email message was marked as spam by accident, you may wish to reach out to the recipient and ask if they intended to stop receiving emails to the particular email address.

  • Removing an email address from the Suppressed Destinations list can be done from People Administration on the User Details tab.
  • More information about the Suppressed Email Address Destinations List can be found here.



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