Attendance Summary Report


The Attendance Summary Report is a built-in report available within the Reporting feature of Student Success & Engagement.

The Attendance Summary Report is designed to assist with finding which courses are "missing attendance" due to instructors/systems not tracking/entering attendance records with any attendance status.

  • If there is any attendance status recorded for a student/course section, this will not be considered as "missing attendance".
  • This report indicates attendance summaries for specified courses.
  • The report can be further segmented by Term, Success Staff, Faculty, Course, Current Term Course Sections and Tags.
  • For more information about how attendance status types are used in reporting, click here.



By design, the Attendance Detail Report will only display records that have an attendance status.

  • For example, if schools use an attendance status of "No Entry" then these records will display on the Attendance Detail Report and count as "tracked" attendance.
  • However, if schools do not track "no entry" as an actual attendance status, then records with "no attendance", will not show up on the Attendance Detail Report by design.

Select "Run Report" to view data that falls within the defined parameters.

After running a report, the results can be exported into an Excel Spreadsheet by clicking "To Excel".


Attendance Summary Report Columns

For each course section included in the report results, the report displays the:

  • Term
  • Instructor
  • Classes Missing Attendance
  • Missing Attendance Records

Classes Missing Attendance and Missing Attendance Records Results

The number of classes missing attendance represents how many classes there are where one or more students are missing attendance.

The number of missing attendance records represents how many individual student records are missing attendance.

  • Classes Missing Attendance and Missing Attendance Records look at a list of non-canceled course section meetings and gather data starting with the course section start date until the report is run. 
  • The results represents the total number (count) of all students that are missing attendance records from the number of classes that are missing attendance.
  • If the numbers divide evenly, then most likely all students are "missing attendance records" from the classes that are missing attendance.
  • If the same student is missing attendance in multiple courses on the same date or in the same course on multiple dates, these will all be counted as separate missing attendance records.

Classes Missing Attendance

Classes Missing Attendance finds the number of non-canceled meetings that have at least one missing attendance record (type does not matter, and how many students are missing attendance does not matter).

  • A course section must have at least one attendance record taken from the beginning of the course section in order to have missing attendance.
  • If ALL students on a course section roster are "excused/absent" then the course section will not display on this report, as there are no attendance records, and therefore "none" are identified as missing.

Courses Page UI - Course Sections Missing Attendance

The number of Course Section meetings that are missing one or more attendance record(s) displays on the Instructor's Courses Page UI.

To view how many students are missing attendance records in each course section meeting, you can either select the meeting with missing attendance from the Courses page or run the Attendance Summary report for the instructor/term/course section. 

Missing Attendance Records

Missing Attendance Records find the total number of missing attendance records per course section.

  • For example, if there were 5 meetings to date, and the instructor took attendance for all students at each meeting except for at the last meeting, this would return 5 (representing 5 students missing attendance records).
  • Missing attendance records reports on the number of missing records, so if a single student is missing multiple attendance records it counts the number of missing atttendance records per course section meeting, not per student. 
  • The "Meeting Attendance Record" value is always determined by the "Classes Missing Attendance" value.
      • For example, for each course section where "classes missing attendance = 0", we'll always expect "missing attendance records = 0", since there are no course section meetings that are missing attendance.
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