3.0 Release Notes

We are excited to announce version 3.0 of the Aviso Retention software. Version 3.0 both introduces new major features, as well as improves on features that were already a part of the Aviso Retention application suite. We've made tons of changes, and we've highlighted the most important changes in the release notes below.

As we all know, software features are best utilized by a well-trained team. We encourage you to contact your customer success representative to schedule training so you can be sure your team is using Aviso Retention software in the best way for your organization.

Responsive Design and Accessibility

The first thing you will notice about v3.0 is the updated look and feel of the product. We have overhauled the entire Aviso Engage application. We accomplished the following goals by doing this:

  1. The application is much more accessible to those with visual impairments. Those who use screen readers to assist their use of Aviso Engage will find v3.0 much easier to work with.
  2. The new user interface is responsive, meaning the application will automatically adjust to all sorts of screen sizes, from small phones and tablets to large desktop monitors. We know that many users of our software, especially students, interact with it on mobile devices more and more, and v3.0 makes using the application on the go just as effective as using it on a laptop or desktop monitor.
  3. The overall look and feel of the application is less cluttered and easier to read and use, making the experience better, and ultimately improving your efficiency while using it.

Two-Way Text Messaging

Studies have shown that text messages, when used appropriately, can lead to better open and read rates. This can increase your effectiveness in your student success role because it can facilitate easier communication with students. Aviso Retention's predictive models will incorporate text messaging interactions, such as response rates and time to respond, to more accurately understand which students are engaged and those that are at risk.

In v3.0, the Messages interface provides a "Send as text message" option.

When someone sends a text message for the first time, Aviso Retention software automatically provisions a phone number for the sender, and that number remains associated with the sender permanently, and will be used to send out all text messages from that sender.

When the message appears on their mobile device as a text message, the recipient can reply to the text message and the reply will be recorded within Aviso Retention (and the person they are replying to will receive an email notification).

Some students may not want to receive text messages from you. When a student receives a text message from Aviso Retention for the first time, they can choose to opt out of future text messages - any further messages that are attempted to be sent by text message will be delivered by email instead. Icons will appear within the conversations to indicate how a message was delivered.

Please note that additional usage fees apply when using text messaging in Aviso. Please contact your customer success representative for pricing information.

Student History

Context is king. When you can see all of the recent activity attached to a student, that gives you a good context for conversations with the student so you can build a plan to help them achieve their educational goals. The Student History tab was added in v3.0 to help you gain student-specific context at a moment's notice. Simply click the "History" link on the student profile, and you will see all the activity Aviso Retention has recorded, including alerts, achievements, notes, and events.

By clicking the "Settings" button you can filter the list of items you see.

We added a handy "Group Items" feature as well, which groups notes on alerts together with the alert itself so you can see everything that has happened with an alert in one spot in the history. You can disable this setting if you want to see everything sorted by date and not grouped.

Risk Indicators

Aviso Retention makes available two different styles of predictive models, and many institutions decide to utilize both of these models in their student success efforts. As a part of v3.0, Aviso Engage now supports the display of both persistence risk score and course risk score throughout the software.

Risk scores appear as percentages in the Student Profile instead of only the familiar "dot" style indicators, which gives you further insight into the score rather than only the risk level. Hovering your cursor over the dot-style indicator will display whether the indicator is a persistence or course risk indicator.

You are now able to filter based on these risk indicators individually now as well. This affects the Student Search, Activity desktop widget, and the New Message areas, to name a few.

The risk indicators only show up for the roles you choose in Aviso Administration, and each risk indicator can be scoped to only certain groups of Aviso Retention users.

Academic Planning for Students

We have made further upgrades to the Academic Planning page you see as a staff member, but we've also exposed the same user interface to students, improving the look and feel, and increasing the accessibility and usability of academic planning.


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