Why are some messages not showing up in the SS&E Inbox?


A user reported that there are several messages in their email inbox that are missing from the system messages inbox  (Watermark SS&E Inbox accessed by the top right envelope icon).


The most common reason for this is that the missing messages are sent from the Aviso System user account which do not display within SS&E Messages by design.

  • For more information about SS&E Aviso System no-reply messages, click here.
  • For example, Staff Initiated Alerts allow users to select/change recipients when permitted. When the system sends these alerts, all staff initiated alerts are sent from the Aviso System user and therefore do not appear in the SS&E Message Inbox. This can be seen by checking the Message Report in Messaging Administration. Automated Alerts, eg. early alerts, are also sent from the Aviso System user, as seen on the Message Report.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check the Message Report in Messaging Administration.
  2. Filter on "To" and click on the Date column header to sort by Date descending, with the most recent messages displayed on top.
    • Check the Sender column to see if the sender is Aviso System or a "real person" sender.
  3. Impersonate the user and/or select the envelope icon from the primary nav bar top right corner to view the Watermark SS&E Messages Inbox.
  4. Compare the messages displayed in Watermark SS&E with the messages displayed in the external email client inbox.
    • By design, messages sent from Aviso System will not display within the system in users Watermark SS&E Message Inboxes.





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