TS Coordinator Resources

  • Distributing a Custom Portfolio Template

    Please see the link to the guide below:TS - QuickStart Guide: Distributing a Custom Portfolio Template

  • Creating an Exhibit Room

    To store sample work in a manner that will allow you to easily extract that work for later use and/or for use as a publishable web page, you can create an Electronic Exhibit room using LAT’s Folios & Web Pages Builder.  For assistance with creating an Exhibit Room, you can find detailed instructions in the attached guide. 

  • How to add a school logo to Taskstream

    If you are interested in having your school’s logo added to the home page of your Taskstream accounts, please send the image file as an attachment to support@watermarkinsights.com with the following specifications:  All text and art must be white   *For consistency and aesthetic reasons, we only allow white logos with transparent backgrounds. In order to view the white...

  • Viewing Lesson and Unit Plans as a TS Coordinator

    As a Site Coordinator you have the ability to view lessons and units created by Taskstream subscribers in your administrative domain: From the TS Coordinator area, click the View Lesson and Unit Plans link. Then select the "Find Lesson and Unit Plans" button to open the Member Locator. In the Member Locator area, click the folder(s) to navigate through your administrat...

  • Sharing Forms, Rubrics, and Templates Created by Other TS Coordinators

    Please see the link below to the guide for copying resources shared by other coordinators:QuickStart Guide: Copying Resources Shared By Other Coordinators 

  • Exhibit Room Security

    When report data is being included in a web folio or web page, extra measures have been put in place to keep the data secure.Web folios and web pages that include saved reports cannot be attached to other folios and web pages.Another security measure is that all folios and web pages that include saved reports must be password protected in order to be published. Also, wh...

  • TS Coordinator Access

      How to Designate a New TS Coordinator TS Coordinator permissions are granted at the discretion of the primary administrator /Taskstream Coordinator at your organization. Please contact your lead Taskstream Coordinator, who can forward your request to support@watermarkinsights.com. Our Support Team will add this access to the requested account.    

  • Adding Sample Student Work in an Exhibit Room

    You can add student artifacts to an exhibit room, as well as gather evaluation results associated with the student artifacts. The items for addition to the exhibit room must be in Release or Final/Reconciled statuses for eligibility.  If the status should change, the items are no longer viewable from the exhibit room.To display the work publicly, full student approval i...

  • As a TS Coordinator, how do I share a Web Folio/Page template with my class?

    To share a Web Folio or Web Page template with individuals at your organization, you will need to have Taskstream (TS) Coordinator privileges.To begin, click the TS Coordinator button on the top menu bar. Next, click the Distribute Folio & Web Page Templates link under the Resources area. On the Distribute Folio & Web Page Templates page, click the radio button next to ...