Using Custom Self-Service Reports to Assist Data Entry

Self-Service Reports are displayed as live-previews, enabling you to see what you will have in your report before you export it from the system. Building off of this preview, the ability to Add and Edit records directly from this view makes it even easier to update information. Activities may be entered and modified directly from the report instead of navigating the Activities main menu.

Administrators may create and share self-service reports with faculty to encourage entry from the Reports page. Users who enter data from this area will have the live report preview continuously updated to show how the addition or edits to their activities impact their report. This helps to guide faculty to update the most relevant activity areas for the type of report they are preparing.

Common Uses

Faculty Accomplishments

Whether Faculty Accomplishments is new for your campus, or you have new users to onboard, you may consider creating a "New Faculty" report with the most critical information the new faculty should fill out. This not only introduces faculty to Faculty Success, but also ensures a more uniform data entry process when onboarding new users.

Another area of benefit for add/edit in custom self-service reports is accreditation preparation. Define a custom report with the activities that must be represented for accreditation, and recommend to users to edit from the report to ensure their activities are captured as expected in the system.

Annual reporting can be a huge data entry ask for faculty not regularly in the system. Consider creating your annual report as a custom self-service report. With this option available to faculty, they may view how their report will appear and update from within the report to verify all activities are accurately represented.

Reviews, Promotion and Tenure

For institutions with the RPT module, the add/edit feature of self-service reports helps guide faculty to update activities and see how it will be reflected when refreshing the report in their Workflow Tasks menu. Annual Reports, Curriculum Vitas, and Promotion and Tenure reports are but a few common examples that could be built as self-service reports to benefit from the add/edit feature.

Manage Data

Sharing a custom self-service report will allow data entries workers to work from a direct template built in the system to facilitate consistent data entry and immediate review of citations as they would appear in other reports. A Faculty Success administrator may create and share a report with users, and a proxy user with the appropriate roles would be able to use the report for data entry. A proxy user must have Manage Data and Self-Service reporting access to the accounts where they are responsible for entering/maintaining activities.


Add/Edit Records within Self-Service Reports

How to Build a Formatted Self-Service Report

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