Copying Data for a User from a Previous University


Watermark is able to migrate a user’s data who has come from another university using Faculty Success.

To request a transfer of data submit a General Work Request with the following detail:

  • Faculty name
  • Name of the previous institution
  • The username for their new account in your system

We will then confirm with the administrator at the other institution that it is acceptable to copy the data over to your instance of Faculty Success, and, upon approval, will proceed to migrate the data. This will leave the data for this person's account intact for the previous institution and establish new records for this person in your instance. We do ask that the user have a minimum (sum) of 20 records that would be moved.

Note: Due to the approval required and the heavy volume of these requests around the start of the academic year we can't guarantee a turnaround time on these requests.

What we copy

Please be advised that because every client customizes Faculty Success to meet their specific needs, each migration may require a unique approach. Our goal is to eliminate 90% or so of the need to reenter the records in the new instrument, with 10% or so remaining for the user to complete. One of the key considerations in the migration process is whether the screen or field contains data that is specific to an appointment at a given university. We then migrate the data that is not directly tied to the user's previous position or university. This means that data for the following base instrument screens are typically not migrated to your university's instrument:

  • Yearly Data
  • Permanent Data
  • Scheduled Teaching
  • Directed Student Learning
  • Department Service
  • College Service
  • University Service

We also keep in mind things like the office location questions on the Personal and Contact Information screen, understanding that while most data on that screen could continue to be relevant, the office location information is university-specific.

In general, we only migrate data from a source instrument where there is a clear and obvious match for the data in the destination instrument. If the source instrument has a screen with no match in the destination instrument, we will typically not migrate the data for this screen, nor will we recommend that screen revisions be made to receive the data in the destination instrument. We instead leave it up to the individual user to determine where that data should be entered, if at all. If we encounter a situation where a field exists to receive data, but the exact drop-down list option needed doesn't exist, we will try to map this data to another value (if one is close), or will skip that piece of data if no close match is found.

We do have some common exceptions to this rule, an example of which is service records - one instrument may have a General Service screen where the other instrument has the set of 5 scope-specific screens (Public, Professional, Department, College, University). In this case we will go through a process of splitting or combining service records in order to fit them to the destination instrument's service screen configuration.

Note: The only type of data that we do not copy between institutions is workflow data.

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