Session Timeouts

Users who log in to Faculty Success will be automatically logged out after 90 minutes of inactivity. Unfortunately, this setting is not customizable. 

Prior to a log out session due to inactivity, a five-minute warning prompt is displayed.


Q: How does your authentication method factor?

A: If the user has portal or shibboleth authentication, their session could time out sooner depending on how their portal or shibboleth authentication is configured, but that would not happen on LDAP authentication. Login sessions via LDAP use Faculty Success time out. Users could set a "tighter" time-out on their portal and Shibboleth implementation but this won't effect their session in Faculty Success. When they try to log back in, they'll need to log back into the portal/Shibboleth.

Q: What does it mean to be "active" in a session? 

A: Actively entering data but not saving is not considered being active. However, navigating between screens and saving records is considered active. This activity initiates trips to the server, signaling activity. 

Q: What does the 5 minute warning message entail? 

A: After 85 minutes of inactivity, a user is prompted with a warning message before the session is about to expire. The message includes "your session is about to expire. Click here to stay logged in".


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