Unicode Compliance

You may copy and paste special characters – such as Greek or Latin characters, accent marks or other diacritical marks – into Faculty Success from another source, as long as they are Unicode-compliant. Unicode is an industry-standard set of characters that allows computers to consistently represent and manipulate text expressed in any of the world's writing systems. For more information about Unicode, please see: http://www.unicode.org/faq/basic_q.html.

Examples of fonts that are Unicode-compliant include Arial and Times New Roman. Examples of fonts that are not Unicode-compliant include Symbol and Wingdings. If characters are not transferring to Faculty Success as you expect, try changing their font in the source software application to Arial or Times New Roman and then copy and paste the text into Faculty Success. For characters typically entered as symbols, you may need to change the underlying font of the character, in addition to the display font. To do this in Microsoft Word, navigate to Insert > More Symbols, and update the font of the symbol to a Unicode-compliant font prior to selecting and inserting the desired character. This ensures that the underlying font and the display font are Unicode-compliant, and that the symbols render correctly in Faculty Success.

Note: Mac and PC versions of Microsoft Word often differ in how they convert special characters when switching to a Unicode-compliant font. The PC version of Word will copy special characters as images, which means you cannot transfer them into Faculty Success unless you replace them with symbols in a Unicode font. Defining the font for the symbol separately from the font of the text, as defined above, becomes important. The Mac version of Word converts the special character to a matching special character in the Unicode-compliant font, allowing you to transfer the character into Faculty Success.

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