Adding a Static LTI 1.3 Link in Canvas


If you are setting up your Canvas Data and User Integration then you should follow the directions in the Canvas Data Integration and Canvas User Integration Setup articles.  This article is only if you wish to add a standalone, static link to your Canvas outside the usual Canvas integration.


Create Developer Key in Canvas

  1. Log into your Canvas instance as a Canvas Administrator

  2. Navigate to Admin > (select root level account) > Developer Keys 

  3. Click the + Developer Key button, and choose + LTI Key

  4. Enter the name of your Developer Key in Key Name field

  5. Enter your Course Evaluations & Surveys URL followed by, /login/lti/callback in the Redirect URIs field (i.e.

  6. Ensure Manual Entry is selected from Method dropdown:

  7. Enter value in Title and Description fields

  8. Enter your Course Evaluations & Surveys URL followed by, /login/lti/callback in the Target Link URI field (i.e.

  9. Enter the value from the Launch URL field on the LTI 1.3 Settings page in CE&S into the OpenID Connect Initiation Url field in Canvas.

  10. Choose Public JWK from the JWK Method dropdown

  11. Enter the following JSON in the Public JWK field

      "e": "AQAB",
      "n": "shq6JRnHcFim6xLkJsH35XrrnP5zHBDVHMrIJRr7WqS9r1Fe3mW5Byn1uZBtYqIXJYMD4CRpDXOCr5GuszYZw8qPTcQ4lG79SjIS7HTnvft52wLBzOiw0rJQQkkrfyjJdQuFTZfBTj1vypk8NtaDFvYI5IfGp4DzTT70gLoaLynpZP08aYdrpt0nvbbF8fdd1k2qHg7atMDmcBuc_59iZPBxBgwmpwyUduppgkEpQKRB2aT4D_wEAjoXeSK5gNvkbaHQZRevpY5HcyFlAOiB2-NXGNuLRzpaqrSXF7qYFzFe_vurpgEzQ088B9bhNse9GV4aoO4IeVqE8h8pgljKNw",
      "alg": "RS256",
      "kid": "3loM0VZiFNthg6TimDxnPT-AhEHHb9-O6XgyQvFqUY4",
      "kty": "RSA",
      "use": "sig"
  12. Leave all options unselected under LTI Advantage Services

  13. Under the Additional Settings section, enter the following text in the Custom Fields field

  14. Configure placement(s) for your Developer Key (see Canvas documentation)

  15. Click Save

  16. (User is returned to Developer Keys screen) For your new Developer Key, change State to ON > OK

  17. For your new Developer Key, copy the ID number under the “Details” column (DO NOT show key)

Add link in Canvas

  1. In Canvas, navigate to Admin > (select root level account) > Settings

  2. Choose Apps tab > select View App Configurations > click on + App button

  3. Choose By Client ID from the Configuration Type dropdown

  4. Enter the Client ID of the Developer Key you just created and click Submit



Configure LTI 1.3 Settings in CE&S

  1. Log into CES as the CES Administrator

  2. Navigate to Account > LTI 1.3

  3. Issuer: Enter the following value in the Issuer field

  4. Client ID: Enter the Client ID from Canvas > Developer Keys

  5. Deployment ID: Enter the Deployment ID from Canvas > Settings

  6. Public Keyset URL:

  7. Authentication Request URL:

  8. Target Link URL: Autofilled

  9. Public JWK URL: Autofilled

  10. Launch URL: Autofilled

  11. Click Save

Remove Existing Settings

  1. CES Administrators will see a “Delete Settings” button in the lower portion of the LTI 1.3 settings screen once settings have been added and saved.

  2. To remove the existing settings, the CES Administrator can click the “Delete Settings” button and then click OK in the confirmation box.


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