Canvas Grade Blocking and Gradebook

When Course Evaluations & Surveys is integrated with Instructure Canvas LMS, you can utilize the Canvas Gradebook and Canvas Grade Blocking features to encourage students to complete their course evaluations.

These features allow you to give points to students for completing their surveys, or block access to grades in Canvas until the course evaluation is submitted.


Canvas Permissions

  1. The ability to utilize the Canvas Gradebook and Grade Blocking features requires specific permissions assigned to the role of the Canvas Administrator that generated the Canvas Web Service Token for the Course Evaluations & Surveys integration. If your institution would like to use these features in Course Evaluations & Surveys, please ensure the required permissions are enabled for the Role assigned to the Canvas Administrator that generated the Canvas Web Service Token.


    • The Account-level Survey Notification must be enabled on the Canvas Course in order to use the Canvas Grade Blocking feature. The system will display the Header and Body of the Course Evaluations & Surveys Account-level Survey Notification if no text is entered here and Canvas Grade Blocking is Enabled.
    • The Start and End Dates will default to the Survey Start and End Dates if no dates are entered here and Canvas Grade Blocking is Enabled.

Canvas Grade Blocking

  1. Canvas Grade Blocking allows the CES Administrator to restrict the student from viewing their grades in Canvas until they have completed their survey for the course.
  2. When Canvas Grade Blocking is enabled, the student will receive a notification in Canvas if they attempt to access their grade.
  3. Canvas Grade Blocking can be enabled and configured on the Project Properties tab of your Project:
    1. Enter the Header text of your notification.
    2. Customize the notification Body text, with plain text, or you can insert HTML.
    3. Enter the Start Date and End Date of the grade blocking period.
    4. Alternatively, you can restrict access to grades X number of days after the Survey Start Date.
    5. Canvas Grade Blocking supports course-level survey access date.


    If you change the permissions of the Role assigned to the Canvas Administrator that generated the Canvas Web Service Token, you do not need to generate a new web service token for the Course Evaluations & Surveys integration.
  4. With Canvas Grade Blocking enabled and configured, if the student attempts to access the Grades page of the course in Canvas, but hasn't yet completed their survey for the course, they will instead see a blank page and the Canvas Grade Blocking notification you have configured.

Canvas Gradebook

  1. The Canvas Gradebook feature provides the ability for either the CES Administrator or course Instructor to assign a specific number of points for completed surveys, and then automatically have a Gradebook item generated (column name is the Project name) with the corresponding points added for each student who has completed a specified survey.
  2. Assigning Gradebook points is not an automated feature and requires a manual update to "push" points to students. Updates can be done whenever students complete their surveys, however, it is recommended to do one final update when the survey ends to ensure all students receive their assigned points. Subsequent assignments of points will overwrite previous assigned points to the student and course, not assign additional.


    The Canvas Gradebook feature requires the course be imported via the Data Integration (Courses tab Data Import Canvas). To utilize the Canvas Gradebook feature in Projects the CES Administrator must first enable the feature at the Account-level, under Account Canvas Data Settings tab. The Canvas Gradebook feature will become available after the Project is Deployed and In-Progress.
  3. Canvas Gradebook points can be assigned on the Project Properties tab of your Project:
    1. Response Type: Allows the CES Administrator to choose if the points apply to submitted evaluations, or opted-out responses (if using Survey Opt-Out), or to both.
    2. Points: Assign the number of points that will be added when a student completes a survey for a course.
    3. History Notes (Optional): Add notes to the Canvas Gradebook Update History for the Project to provide additional notes of how or why the points were assigned.
    4. Update Canvas Gradebook: After you have configured how you want to assign points to the Canvas Gradebook, click Update Canvas Gradebook to push points to student accounts in Canvas who have completed their course evaluations.
    5. View History: View the historical Canvas Gradebook Updates for the Project

Student Gradebook

The student can view the Canvas Gradebook points assigned after completing the survey on the Grades page of the course in Canvas.

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