Assessing a Student's Assignment

Follow these steps:

  1. From the Dashboard click the Assignment Progress Bar that corresponds with the assignment to be assessed.
  2. The Submissions & Grades tab will open. This tab corresponds with the Assignment Progress Bar and displays the names of students identified as: Awaiting SubmissionAwaiting Assessment, or assessments that have been Completed.
  3. Select the checkbox to the left of each student awaiting to be assessed (in the yellow) or click on the student's name to individually assess.
  4. Click the Assess button.

Add Comments
  1. Assessors are able to place comments at the document-level, page-level and section-level.
  2. Within the student's work, click the Add Comment button.
  3. Enter a comment into the text box and click the Save Comment button.
  4. To modify a comment, click the Edit Comment button located next to the comment you wish to change.
  5. Comments may also be inserted at the text-level by clicking on the word or text on which to place the comment.
  6. Enter text and click the Save button to save changes.

Assess with a Rubric
  1. Within the student submission, the rubric will appear to the right of the student's artifacts.
  2. Select your rubric if there are multiple rubrics.
  3. Click the cell to select the performance level for each element of the rubric.
  4. Click the title of the performance level to select the same performance level for all elements.
  5. Click the Comment button located next to each element title and enter a comment.
  6. The rubric automatically saves when you click the Save, Request Resubmission, or Submit Assessment action buttons.

Enter a Grade and Comments
  1. On the right side of the page, next to the student's artifact, enter a grade into the Grade text box.
  2. On the right side of the page, next to the student's artifact, enter a comment into the Comment text box.

Evaluate and Re-attach a Submitted Attachment
  1. Download and open the submitted file attachment(s).
  2. Review, comment on, and modify within the native file format.
  3. Save this file to your computer.
  4. To re-attach this submitted file with your comments, click the Attach button, browse your computer to find the saved file, and re-attach to your assessment.

Complete the Assessment Process

After the submission has been reviewed and/or assessed, instructors may SaveRequest ResubmissionSubmit Assessment, or Cancel the assessment. These buttons are located in the top right of the student submission area.

The Save button will save all comments, grades, and/or scoring on assessment rubrics, but will not submit the assessment. Instructors can select the student from the Awaiting Assessment column within the Submissions & Grades tab, and continue reviewing and assessing the student.

The Request Resubmission button will change the status of the assignment on the student's Dashboard from View Latest Submission (yellow) to Resubmit Assignment (red). It will also change the status on the Assignment Progress Bar and Submissions & Grades area in the faculty's view from Awaiting Assessment (yellow) to Awaiting Submission (red).

The student will be able to view any comments, grades, and/or scoring on assessment rubrics to the student.

The Submit Assessment button will save all comments, grades, and/or scoring on assessment rubrics, and will complete the assessment process. The status on the Assignment Progress Bar and Submissions & Grades area in the faculty's view will change from Awaiting Submission (red) or Awaiting Assessment (yellow) to Complete (green).

Submitting an assessment does not always imply that the assessments have been submitted or published to students. Instructors are able to adjust settings to release assessments to students at the time of assessment, or to publish the assessments to multiple students within the course at the same time.

The Cancel button will cancel all comments, grades, and/or scoring on assessment rubrics not submitted.

If you place check marks in the boxes to select students, you must follow step 4 to assess students. By clicking on student's names without using the checkboxes, you automatically are taken to the assessment. On the Submissions & Grades tab, a new information message appears when you select a student(s) in the red Awaiting Submission column. The message will inform you that ask you are about to move the selected student(s) from the red Awaiting Submission column into the yellow Awaiting Assessment column, removing the student's ability to submit for the assignment unless Request Resubmission is selected.

When you begin assessing with a rubric, you will notice that a rubrics container populates on top of the active browser window, below and to the left of the student status submission box. You will have the ability undock the container for side-by-side viewing if necessary.

Assessors can download, comment on, and re-attach student attachments during the assessment process. This enhancement allows for greater flexibility in assessing with evaluation within the student's native document file format, improved and expanded assessor-assessee communication, and additional abilities to provide comments and feedback other than through conventional LiveText capabilities.

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