Adding Faculty Transcripts

Accessing Your Faculty Transcripts

Faculty Transcripts provides you with the ability to enter and maintain individual Faculty Transcripts. To access Faculty Transcripts: 

  1. Log in to Tk20
  2. Click on the Faculty Qualifications tab.
  3. Select Faculty Transcripts in the top horizontal menu.
  4. Search for a user and click on the refresh button.
  5. Click on the user for whom you wish to add a transcript.
  6. Click on Add Transcript.

    Adding Transcripts for Faculty

  7. Enter required transcript information.
  8. Click on Plus Sign Add Degree
  9. Enter required degree information.
  10. Click Save Draft.

Note: If you would like to display a read-only copy of the record in the Faculty Activity Portfolio, select the checkbox to “Display record for faculty in Academic Degrees.”

Displaying Read-Only Transcripts for Faculty

Displaying Read-Only Transcripts for Faculty

You can also refer to the video link: Faculty Transcripts


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